Heal N Soothe, Herbal Supplement for Joint Pain

How effective is your joint pain medication? Many people take medication for joint pain only to find that it is limited in effectiveness. Heal N Soothe joint pain supplement contains Proteolytic enzymes that combat joint pain. This may help to ease joint pain naturally without to use synthetic medications.

Heal N Soothe works by increasing Proteolytic enzymes in the body. Moreover Heal N Soothe may be by far a better solution to your joint pain issues. This is because the joint pain supplement works without creating dependence on synthetic drugs. The naturally occurring Proteolytic enzymes in Heal N Soothe probably will overcome inflammation in your joints, therefore reducing the amount of pain in your body.

How much does this herbal supplement cost? Option 1, you can get a free trial bottle of Heal N Soothe and just pay shipping and handling. Then every 30 days you will pay only $49.95. Option 2, is to get a single bottle of heal and soothe for $59. You can order Heal N Soothe herbal supplement from the Living Well Nutraceuticals site.

In addition to the Proteolytic enzymes found in Heal N Soothe, there are several other important ingredients that may contribute to joint pain relief. These include Bromelain extract from pineapples and the extract of Bromelain combats inflammation and pain in your joints. Another naturally occurring anti-inflammation ingredient in Heal N Soothe is Papain, which also fights inflammation and pain, and free radicals in the body.

How often must Heal N Soothe be taken you might want to know? You can start by taking two capsules twice per day, or you can take four capsules once per day. Are there any side effects? No there are no side effects in this supplement. Are there any animal derivatives? No, Heal N Soothe is 100% Natural plant-based.

In conclusion, it is to your benefit that this amazing herbal supplement was made. Everyone knows what a bother joint pain can be. If you agonize over joint pain and if you are suffering on a consistent basis, then take Heal N Soothe. Order it now and find out how well you could probably feel moments after taking it. The supplement must be taken only after you consult with the doctor. However, you can try it for yourself, and then if you experience no relief then you can see a doctor.

How The Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass Has Helped Paul Herdsman And Other Entrepreneurs

Paul Herdsman and many other entrepreneurs use the Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass to assist them as they make decisions concerning their customers, what technology to use, and how to deal with their competitors. Entrepreneurs who rush and commit to the first promising route that they see leave themselves potentially vulnerable to their competitors who put a larger emphasis on commercialization.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Paul Herdsman realize that showcasing their product or idea across different platforms makes it more appealing to potential investors and partners. The Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass has become a major asset for entrepreneurs because it allows them to look at different ways to establish value and demand for their services. Here is a closer look at the different strategies that make up The Entrepreneurial Strategy Compass.

The Architectural Strategy

Entrepreneurs who develop a successful architectural strategy are well known publicity. Most entrepreneurs are able to design a new value chain. Developing an architectural strategy can be risky because entrepreneurs may only have one chance to make a lasting impression. To counter this risk, architectural entrepreneurs seek to create platforms instead of products.

Disruption Strategy

Disruption entrepreneurs seek to change traditional value chains. It’s all about staying ahead. Paul Herdsman is an example of an entrepreneur who was able to build resources and establish customer loyalty to earn a place in the industry. There is room for growth, as entrepreneurs often develop technology that may be flawed in the short term, but is full of potential in the long term. With so much potential for growth, the disruption strategy is mostly used by young entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves.

Value Chain Strategy

Entrepreneurs, such as Paul,  use this strategy invest in commercialization. They seek to find a spot in the existing value chain. Entrepreneurs strive to find and develop talent. In order to create value, entrepreneurs need help from their partners.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Entrepreneurs who use this strategy are focused on generating new ideas. Choosing the right partner is important, as entrepreneurs are often trying to reach customers with clearly defined buying traits.

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How Vinod Gupta Has Helped Education In India

IIT Kharagpur’s Vinod Gupta School of Management has been ranked highly in the annual Mangement School category by the National Institutional Ranking Framework. They are ranked 7th in India with a score of 76.82 out of 100. This ranking looked at things such as how many Ph.D. students have graduated, how many became entrepreneurs, the median salaries of past students, and how students did on university exams.
The Vinod Gupta School of Management was established in 1993. It was started by Vinod Gupta who is a graduate of IIT Kharagpur. He wanted to start a university program which taught students a mixture of technology and management skills. In addition to offering Ph.D.’s his school also offers MBAs and Executive MBAs. They also host seminars and workshops for both students and faculty.
Vinod Gupta also graduated from the University of Nebraska. He has both a master’s degree in engineering from this university as well as an MBA. For 35 years he was the chief executive officer and chairman of the board of a company he founded, Infogroup. He then founded another company in February 2008 which is Everest Group LLC. He is this firm’s chairman of the board.
He is a native of Rampur Manhyaran, India. Vinod Gupta says that when he was growing up there were no modern things like roads, running water, or electricity. He graduated from high school in 1962 and attended IIT Kharagpur. His major was agricultural engineering and he graduated in 1967. He then emigrated to the United States so he could continue his education in Nebraska. He now has deep experience doing marketing research, managing others, and other business skills. He is also a philanthropist who primarily donates money to educational causes in India. He gave $1 million, for example, to a women’s polytechnic school in his native city.

Attorney Jeff Herman is Dealing with Sexual Abuse Unashamedly

According to Jeff Herman, it is currently more important to keep close tabs with what is happening in your children’s life. Parents should aim at ways of keeping their children secure from predators both offline and online. Jeff is an advocate and attorney for victims of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse, and rape. He has valuable advice to parents on how to talk with their children about sexual predators and crimes, and how to be on the lookout for signs of abuse.

Vulnerability increases the chances of how predators manipulate, entice and abuse children. For instance, when naive children are abused sexually, they may not even comprehend they have been abused. Since they do not recognize they have been taken advantage of, they continue to allow the abuse, complying willingly. If they happen to realize what happened, they will be eaten by guilt for what happened to them resulting in ripple and complicated problems.

Since we cannot guarantee their safety 24/7, educating them, having open communication channels, and teaching them how to keep healthy boundaries serves as a way of arming them. Jeff Herman has developed a recognized and unique technique for child forensic interviewing. He is a trainer of professionals from child well-being institutions on assisting sexually abused kids to heal through exposure.

He is determined to air and exposes sexual predator and institutions by breaking the silence and talking about it. He is credited with exposing the clergy sexual abuse scandal in the Archdiocese of Miami and other dioceses in the US. He won $100 million verdict in 2011 for a client who has been abused sexually by a priest. His most recent activity is his representation of many men in sexual harassment lawsuits against Kevin Clash, a former Elmo puppeteer.

Jeff Herman’s operates his Herman Law firm in Boca Raton. He attended the University of Arizona for his Bachelor of Science and Case Western Reserve University School of Law for a Doctor of Law (J.D.). Jeff is a high-profile attorney who has been featured in The New York Magazine, Forbes, USA Today and The New York Times. He appears on MSNBC, HLN, FOX, and CNN as a featured expert vocalizing issue around sexual abuse.

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Jose Hawilla Is A Highly Trusted And Successful Entrepreneur


Are you looking for information about Jose Hawilla and his business accomplishments? Want to know why Jose Hawilla is regarded as one of the most prominent or renowned entrepreneurs in the world?


Jose Hawilla is a top rated entrepreneur and renowned businessman. Jose Hawilla is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has built many successful enterprises and is well known around the world.


Jose Hawilla has the determination and drive to work harder than most people and makes sure things get done. Jose Hawilla takes action and likes to on see things get completed promptly and he takes charge when necessary.


If you are thinking about building a successful business or investing in a viable opportunity, it’s imperative to find out how others have achieved success in their own ventures. You’ll want to research investment vehicles and various businesses and entrepreneurs. It is crucial that you develop the characteristics that can lead you to success.


Jose Hawilla drives himself with purpose and makes it a priority to align himself with excellence.


Learning from a successful entrepreneur is a great way to improve your chances of taking the right steps to reaching your goal. Many people have achieved great success in their business or career by choosing a good mentor or coach. For more details visit LinkedIn.


It is crucial to follow a proven path and emulate individuals who have become successful in their respective fields of endeavor. It is always advisable to choose a successful person who will ensure that you are on the track.


No matter how many setbacks or obstacles Jose Hawilla encounters, he keeps on working towards his goal. Jose Hawilla maintains a positive mental attitude and looks for alternative plans when he encounters difficulties on his way.


Jose Hawilla believes in persevering and doing whatever is necessary to achieve the outcome he desires. He is open to new ideas and is willing to make changes if he can find a better approach to handling situations. This is one of the qualities or characteristics you must to have if you truly want to build a successful enterprise.



Dr Saad Saad career path and success tips.

Dr Saad is a pediatric surgeon and has performed many operations that have turned out to be a success. Initially, his dream job was to be an engineer, but this changed when he joined high school in Kuwait. In Kuwait the temperatures are high, and this was one of the factors that discouraged Saad from pursuing engineering, he settled on medicine since it’s a job that would require him to be indoors unlike engineering.

He settled his mind on medicine, and his hard work did not go unnoticed, he graduated second from his class at Cairo University. Saad’s passion and determination has been evident in his career, and his work has made medical procedures safer.

Dr Saad has worked in several institutions and helped save many children’s lives. He has also taught and guided many students to becoming excellent surgeons in the world. One of his most exceptional work is the invention of a catheter electromagnetic detector. This device has been embraced by more surgeons today since it makes it easier to perform procedures involved with catheters. When a catheter is inserted in the body, it can either be temporary or permanent when it is temporary it means that after some time it is required to be removed from the body and this requires a medical procedure.

To ease the procedure Saad decided to introduce the device this device helps surgeon detect the catheter easily making the operations safer.

After working for many years, Dr Saad finally retired but he has left a great legacy, one of the success tips he offers is to stay true to your goal, do not accept anything less your goals and desires. If something does not work how you envisioned it, Saad urges one to keep on trying until you attain your goal.

Dr Saad Saad also discourages procrastination, to succeed in life do not wait to do something tomorrow, a task that can be performed now ensure you complete it and work on it as their no tomorrow. Those are just some of the life lessons we learn from the renowned pediatric surgeon.

One other tip that Saad offers is practice, hard work, truthful and treat all your patients the same despite colour, race, social status, as well as religion, this is attributes he acquired from his mentor, and they have guided him throughout his career path. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

Everyday Life Can Be Hurt Simply From Inflation. U.S. Money Reserve Can Make Life Better

It is no secret that the cost of everything we need to buy just keeps going higher and higher. Take a look around and you will see that the cost of gas is going up, the cost of food is going up and so is everything that we need in our daily life. This rise is called inflation. This word, simply defined means the rise of cost in services or goods over a period of time in any economy. This economy can be local, area specific or global.


As inflation rises and prices go up, many people are forced to live without things they want and need. Part of the reason this happens is because not many people give much thought to planning for the future. When inflation is down and you have extra money to spend, it would be a good idea to invest that money or to buy something that will or could hold it’s value. There are many items that people love to buy and collect, rare stamps, paintings by famous artists and even coins. Some people talk about buying gold or silver and keeping it somewhere safe. Lucky for everyone these methods are a great way to prepare for the future if you know what to do and how to do it correctly.


While buying any item has potential to see an increase in value, there is often no guarantee that items will be worth any set amount. This is why so many people buy and take stock in items like valuable coins that are made of gold, silver and platinum. These precious metals are almost always holding or going up in value because they are something that can’t be made in a factory.


One of the leading companies in the world for precious metals is a company called U.S. Money Reserve. This company knows everything there is to know about gold, silver and platinum coins and how to collect them. It is important to keep in mind that we are talking about real, government issued coins here. This is not some worthless certificate that says you own some gold. With U.S. Money Reserve, you can buy a selection of coins that you pick out. You simply go to their website, look over their inventory and select the items you want to purchase. Gold coins, silver coins or platinum coins and collective items. Once you order them, these items are shipped directly to your door.


Inflation is easy to plan for long term. By using a collection of coins and collectables from U.S. Money Reserve you can increase your collection. If you have to sell it at any point, you are assured that your metals with have some form of value. Having said that, you should enjoy the full experience of owning these coins and collectables. Don’t just buy them with the intention of selling them in the near future. Pick out coins you will be proud of and happy to collect that is the idea behind all of the products offered at U.S. Money Reserve.


Startup Investor Mike Baur Shares His Expert Tips For Entrepreneurs

During 2014, Mike Baur co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) along with Oliver Walze and Max Meister. It has the goal to support entrepreneurial efforts starting new companies, which introduce market disrupting innovations that have the potential to become global companies. These innovations may change the status quo, introduce new inventions, services, and products as well as create new business models.


The companies that the SSUF supported so far include:

My Base Camp:

  • My Base Camp: A mountain tour guide company

Base58 Capital:

  • Base58 Capital: Cryptoassets management fund


  • MoveAgain: Instant price quotes for moving


  • Evolute: A wealth management company


  • Snowcookie: An Internet of Things sports platform


  • GetLocal: Online concierge


  • GOWAGO: Digital car buying


  • IDUN: Body monitoring electrodes


  • Avaneo: Automated bookkeeping service


  • Joineer: Employee loyalty programs


  • WeaVR: Social Virtual Reality


  • Beaconsmind: Point-of-sales services


  • Carhelper: Booking service for discount car repairs


  • Struckd: Game creation system for mobile apps


  • Diplomero: Online learning and teaching system


  • Blinkers: Bicycle safety system


The core support offered by SSUF is a three-month long program for early-stage startup companies, which provides operating funds, support services such as office space, as well as mentoring and coaching. SSUF also has access to a large network of investors and entrepreneurs that can help early-stage companies.



Mike Baur’s History

Mike Baur spent over two decades as a Swiss banker. Before creating SSUF, he worked for Clariden Leu and UBS. He left the banking sector to pursue his interest in investing in startups. Baur served as a judge on the panel for START Summiteer to review the startup pitches in a contest for St. Gallen University. After formalizing his efforts, with the founding of SSUF in 2014, Baur created a funding partnership for SSUF during 2016 with CTI, the Goldback Group, and Fintech Fusion. This provided more financing for startups supported by SSUF.



Mike Baur’s Key Advice for Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur advises the founders of startup companies to expect the early accelerator period to be wild and very intense. He believes in high levels of productivity and early market testing.


He suggests getting up early, finishing all email correspondence, and then spending the rest of the day working personally with the people involved instead of sitting in front of a computer screen.



The idea is to focus on the most urgent and important things, which need to get done, in order to create a high-level of productivity each day.


Early Market Testing

Test any innovative idea early to make sure potential customers really want it. Build a small amount of the product and make it available to early adopters. Measure the market response. Learn from the feedback that may be both positive and negative and then adjust the strategy accordingly. Validating results is Baur’s key tool that he uses to create success.




Baur feels that entrepreneurs who work hard and test products at an early stage will understand what the market wants and what it does not want. Learn more at Swiss Startup Factory.





The New Brown Agency

Wilhelmina Austin acquired Heyman Talent-South to form the Brown Agency. Now that the Brown Agency has combined the forces of the two largest talent agencies in the South and is now a full-service talent agency in central Texas. Justin Brown headed Wilhelmina Austin and brought excellent modeling talent to Austin, Texas. Heyman Talent-South successfully brought talent to the Austin area. The merger of two agency offers the whole country a greater collection of talent.


The new Brown Agency will be guided by the direction of Justin Brown, the CEO and president. Michael B. Bonnée, the founder of Heyman Talent-South will be in charge of the Brown Agency’s theatrical division. The new agency’s official launch date was September, 2015 and it will have offices in Dallas and Austin and will also operate in Los Angeles.


The most prominent reason for the acquisition was to now be able to offer the services of a full-service agency to the client and offers more opportunities to the talent. It supplies actors for commercials, film and television. It offers opportunities for models to be seen in print, catalogue, fashion shows on the runway and at conventions and trade shows. In its current expanded state, the Brown Agency will continue to select the very best talent and prep them for a far larger market.


The Brown Agency provides models and actors for The Brown Agency’s models have graced the runways for every season fashion show including New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Dallas Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week along with other shows. In the past, the talent has hailed primarily from Austin and they have work with brand leaders, L’Oreal for makeup, Louis Vuitton for fashion and Dell for electronics. The Brown Agency’s talent has reached a zenith which will only inspire more clients to enlist the services of its vast talent base.


To increase their roster, the Brown Agency sponsors a weekly open call, which attracts new talent. That new talent is groomed to meet the needs of the wide range of clients to which the Brown Agency caters. Their goal is always to deliver the best trained models and actors reaching an impeccable standard of professional expertise and dependability. You can follow their Instagram account.


The World Met an Unprepared Betsy DeVos, but She’s Ready to Step it Up a Notch

Betsy DeVos smiles at the cameras and waves at spectators when she makes public appearances. Something about her demeanor makes some feel she is a nice person. The woman has been an important figure in Michigan, her home state, for quite some time. She and her family are considered to be one of the richest families in the state. The DeVos family is credited for Grand Rapids’ growth over the last few years. The city of Grand Rapids has become one of the most important cities in Michigan, and the DeVos family has been instrumental in that.


Betsy is also a member of an evangelical church and has participated in projects that aimed to help this community. The church she belongs to has helped the poor and done great things that churches are expected to do. Betsy is definitely devout and holds true to very traditional and conservative view points. Her wholehearted conviction and cash gave her power in Michigan. She was able to fight against public education in favor of charter schools. Sadly, this has caused many public schools to close in the state, which burdened many families.


Her belief in charter schools is what scares many public school educators, who truly believe in educating all children at no cost. People who believe in education as a right of the people are scared that this right might be in jeopardy under Betsy DeVos. The reason people are scared of her is because she was just appointed by Donald Trump to be the Secretary of Education, even though she does not have experience in this field. Some of the people he appointed have strong reservations against the program or institute they are in charge of, like Betsy. This may seem strange, but perhaps Trump believes that opposition can be a good thing.


The world met Betsy DeVos live during her congressional hearing. She was given enough time to prepare for this hearing, but Betsy was still caught off-guard with several of the questions she was asked. There was no doubt that she came off as a person who knew nothing of public education. Of course, she did not have a background in public education, so this should have been expected, but her answer about guns in schools didn’t make her seem like the ideal candidate. DeVos argued that schools should be permitted to have weapons in school to fend off grizzly bears.


Many Americans and late night comedians made fun of DeVos. This was something that Betsy did not appreciate though she did not make her thoughts public. Some people began to dismiss her, but a colleague of hers from Michigan, Mike Cox, who served as a Republican state attorney general, warned the people not to underestimate her. He said that her immense amount of money and her determination got the job done in Michigan. This was how she was able to accomplish some of the things she wanted to get done, which means that she is definitely someone to keep an eye on.


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