“Dr Saad Saad Helps Children Affected by War in the Middle East “

Dr Saad Saad is a surgeon with a good heart. He has built a successful career and made a significant contribution to the medical field. When he is not treating patients, he is helping the less privileged. He performed large amounts of surgery during his career and worked with other surgeons to help patients. Dr Saad Saad was touched by the plight of children who are affected by the war in the Middle East. He realized that children lack medical treatment because of conflict.


Moreover, doctors in these countries lack the expertise to offer quality treatment. He set out to help these children by treating them for free. In 2002, a medical organization called Palestine Children’s Relief Fund approached him with an offer.


The organization gives medical aid to Middle East Children. It needed a surgeon to operate on a 15-year-old boy who suffered gunshot wounds. They wanted someone with vast experience and an interest in helping children. While there were many doctors, Dr Saad Saad was picked because of his medical contribution in the Arab World. He was flown from the US to perform the life-threatening surgery. The boy was in bad condition. He had burnt skin because of a gunshot wound and difficulty eating. He performed the surgery in 2003 and patched up holes. The seven-hour surgery was successful, and the doctor was cheered for good work.


He performed another surgery on a child suffering from gunshot wound in 2010. The intestines of the girl were outside the stomach, and people feared that she would die. Local doctors struggled to help her, but she did not recover. Palestinian doctors did not have adequate skills to handle complex surgery. Dr Saad Saad saved the situation by creating a covering the exposed abdomen. It took five hours to perform the surgery. The condition of the girl improved significantly.


He performed another surgery in 2013 on a boy who was hit by a bomb in the Gaza Strip. He was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair and needed a nerve transplant surgery to rectify the situation. Since he is not a nerve doctor, he looked for someone else to do the operation. The boy was flown to the US to receive a nerve transplant. After the surgery, he walked to the airport alone to return to Gaza Strip.


Dr Saad Saad travelled to Palestine to help the underprivileged, improve the economy and pass his skills to local doctors. He realized that he could not save everyone and needed to train Palestinian doctors. They watched him perform surgery to learn how it is done. After a few sessions, Palestinian doctors could perform complex surgery without Dr Saad Saad’s help. Dr Saad Saad has shown what it means to have a heart for the needy. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/


Steve Ritchie Creates Better Options for Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie knows there is a lot of work that goes into being the CEO of one of the biggest pizza chains in the country. He also knows he has what it takes to be the best CEO of the company. Since he has a lot of experience working in different roles with Papa John’s, Steve Ritchie knows he made all the right choices for the company. He also feels there are things that can change the way the company works so he pushes to make sure he can help everyone with these issues. As long as the company has someone who cares about these options, they know they’re going to be able to succeed. Steve Ritchie has what it takes to do this and that’s what pushes him to always be as successful as possible with the company. He wants to help customers and employees get the help they need through Papa John’s.

It’s also important to Steve Ritchie to try different things that the company isn’t used to. He felt that doing things right would allow him the ability to be a better CEO. For Papa John’s to be successful, Steve Ritchie has to make sure he’s helping people understand the options that come from the company. It’s his goal to always let others know there are things that can make a difference and things that will allow him to see the changes for the company better than what he did in the past. Focusing on creating change can help people see how good Papa John’s is at what they do.

Even though Steve Ritchie knew what the company needed, he had a lot of hard work to do to make that happen. In fact, he pushed to make sure the company had someone who cared about their future. Since he spent so much time coming up with new ideas and helping people understand the options they had, he was a perfect fit for the CEO position. It helped him show people what they could do to help others through the experiences that would make the company better.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets: Baby Relief and Smooth Teething

Hyland is a company that makes safe and natural homeopathetic medicines. It started in 1903 by the pharmacist and visionary George Hyland. The founders of the company saw that the body can use its own natural defenses to heal. That constructed the basis of their medicines. Homeopathetic medicines are effective, free of side effects and can be taken by anyone. Hyland released one of its products made especially for infants, called Hyland’s Teething Tablets. See the company’s profile here https://www.influenster.com/reviews/hylands-baby-teething-tablets

Hyland’s Teething Tablets is a homeopathetic remedy for infants teething pain. It is a 100% natural product that has no artificial flavors. It is especially made to provide fast relief from pain and irritation including sore, sensitive and swelling gums. In addition, it reduces the redness and teething discomfort. Mothers do not have to worry as Hyland’s Teething Tablets are easy to use; they are quick-dissolving tablets that melt instantly in the baby’s mouth. The tablets active ingredients are Calcarea Phosphorica, Chamomilla, Coffee Cruda, and Belladonna. See the list of active ingredients here.

Moreover, as a homeopathetic medicine, Hyland’s Teething Tablets are safe and reliable. Hymeopathetic preparation activates the main ingredient making it non-toxic and safe to take with other medications. However, mothers have to be careful not to give it to their babies more than directed; exceeding consecutive 7 days; and if her child has allergy to any ingredient. For a mother whose baby’s symptoms continues for more than 7 days and she can see symptoms like, swelling, rash, fever, irritation, pain, or redness which persists or worsens, she just have to stop using the medicine directly and ask a doctor.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets can be taken two ways. Either tablets are dissolved in a teaspoon of water then swallowed by the child, or if the child is active, 2 tablets can be given every hour (up to 6 doses) to dissolve on the child’s tongue. If the child has been crying, he/she may fall asleep after taking the medicine for as soon as the pain is relieved, the child can rest. For children less than 3 years, 2 to 3 tablets can be dissolved on the child’s tongue 4 times daily.

Hyland’s Teething Tablets are safe medication for infants who suffer teething pain. It is totally natural, available and a good choice for mothers.


Read more about this Hyland’s Teething Tablets on Hyland’s website.

Stream Energy Continues To Surprise Customers By How Much It Cares About The Homeless

Most companies are out to make a profit, and they don’t really consider how they can help people in the world. Stream Energy is a different kind of company that has elected to create a philanthropy arm. When Hurricane Harvey devastate much of Houston and Texas, Stream decided to step in and make a real difference. It did so by donating large sums of money to help people in the area recover from the damage that the hurricane had caused.

Stream Energy is an energy company that sells its energy directly to its customers. Stream Cares is the name of its charitable foundation, and the company has been helping people in Texas through its foundation for more than a decade. Stream is located in Dallas and has surprised people in the city and beyond by the way it has supported struggling individuals over the years. The company joins other American companies who continue to donate billions of dollars every year to help its fellow citizens and people from overseas.

Stream Energy has continued to work with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity and also encourages its associates to do the same. Many of its associates have found success through the company’s commision-based sales model, and they are more than happy to give back to their community. Stream associates have focused a lot of their giving on the homeless issue in Dallas, which has become a real problem. In recent years, there has been close to a 25% jump in homelessness in the city.

Stream Energy continues to work with Hope Supply Co., which is a Dallas, Texas-based charitable organization that works to improve the plight of the homeless in the city. Recently, Stream Cares teamed up with the organization to cover the meal costs and entrance fees for more than 1,000 homeless kids who come from North Texas. This all went down at what is called “Splash For Hope,” which is a yearly get together that continues to be sponsored by Stream Energy and Hope Supply Co. Stream also works with the organization to give homeless kids clothing, diapers, and school supplies.



The Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group

General information about fortress firm

In the year 1998 the Fortress Investment Group was founded. The group was started by three guy who included Mr. Wesley, Mr. Kauffman, Mr. Nardone. It’s the leading investment group in New York. On 9th February the group was officially launched and it was the leading and the largest equity firm in the New York. The firm as at 30th June 2016 was able to manage a billion of alternative assets that included private equity fund and also the credit funds.

Fortress Investment over a long period of time has strived to come up with strong risks adjustment to their investor’s good returns. The firm had around nine hundred and nine employees in the management sector and two hundred and nine professions in the investment company as at 30th September 2018. All of the employees are located either in New York or other offices all over the global. The Fortress Investment has got a lot of knowledge about the companies in which it invests in. it has got a well-developed group of teams in the investment sector who have specific advertisement and relationship knowledge and this leads to growth of the firm worldwide. Visit bizjournals.com to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

The jobs available in the firms

Some of the jobs available in the Fortress Investment Group includes a recruiter. The recruiter is expected to ensure that there is an overall strategies for sourcing. Also expected to ensure that there is strong relationship between the firm and the hiring managers. To become a recruiter in the Fortress Investment Group you should have three to four years’ experience in the recruiting sector in a well-developed organization. Also a recruiter should have the ability to keep the confidential information given out by an employee.

Other job available is the Head of shipping who is expected to drive a commercial aspect in the Fortress Investment Group.

There is also a credit operation associate who is expected to have a good understanding about loans and debits products. Also should better understanding of different theories that describes accounting and how they relate with the investment.

Check out: https://www.institutionalinvestor.com/article/b18bk5yhb04tbq/fortress-investment-group


Steve Young – Overcoming the Odds on the Field and at HGGC

When most people see Steve Young, they see an individual who started off at Brigham Young University and grew into a leading quarterback there. He then went on to become Joe Montana’s backup with the San Francisco 49ers and then a hall of fame quarterback in his own right. He is now a leading executive and one of the founders of HGGC, a private middle market equity firm that is responsible for helping to expand many new companies. What most people do not know is that HGGC executive Steve Young has overcome a lot to get to this point in his life.

First of all, when Steve Young originally started playing football he began his college football career at BYU. He signed on as a quarterback but struggled with different dynamics regarding the position. The staff at BYU originally considered switching him to a defensive back because of how athletic he was. However, he really grew into the position and ultimately did well enough to even be drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the USFL Supplemental Draft in 1985. The team did poorly in his two years there; he only went 3-16 as a starter and he had ten more interceptions than touchdowns during his tenure there. However, he still did not give up.

To make a long story short, he signed with the San Francisco 49ers and spent a few years playing under Joe Montana. He ultimately took over when Joe Montana was injured and signed with the Chiefs. Young then notched 221 touchdowns to just 86 interceptions during his time as 49ers quarterback. He also led the 49ers to defeat the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995.

There is still more to this story. Up until his days at BYU, Young suffered from crippling anxiety. He felt terribly homesick, and he wanted to go home. However, his dad told him, “you can come back, but you can’t come here. I don’t live with quitters.” Young carried that with him throughout his football days and even in his ventures after football when he started HGGC. The very qualities that Steve Young exhibits are the same philosophy that HGGC. This firm will stop at nothing to help the companies they represent, just the same as their founder Steve Young has always done.


Nitin Khanna’s Success as an Entrepreneur Accrues from Determination

At times, people succeed by coming up with their own standards and challenging the status quo. Such individuals succeed in life eventually because of their determination. Among the people who have succeeded by setting their own standards is Nitin Khanna. His success story is inspirational. He resides in Portland. Career-wise, he is an investment banker who specializes in mergers and acquisitions. Although he is an immigrant, his ability to establish a technology company in the U.S. is an outstanding achievement. He is an inspiration to many youths globally.

About Nitin Khanna

Nitin Khanna was born and raised in Ambala. As the son of a colonel, Nitin grew up as a disciplined individual. He possesses a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. As a successful individual, Nitin Khanna is confident that success comes about after taking the necessary risks at the opportune moment. As for Nitin Khanna, his opportune moment was in 2009 when the M&A deals were trending. This was the period when he founded MergerTech.

About MergerTech

MergerTech is a technological institution that offers advice on mergers and acquisitions. The company has grown profoundly courtesy of the personalized and comprehensive guidance that is provided by Nitin Khanna. Since he has a lot of knowledge about mergers and acquisitions, his input at MergerTech has been of great value. As for MergerTech, the company has noted that US-based technology startups are attracting more non-US and non-technology buyers. These investors are willing to pay more as compared to the large IT companies based in the U.S.

Nitin Khanna’s advice has been beneficial especially during the acquisition of Mutual Mobile (a mobile software developer) by the WPP (a British advertisement agency). MergerTech has also overseen the acquisition of Simple’s (a fintech startup) by BBVA (a Spanish Bank). In both instances, the acquisition price was higher than what a traditional buyer would have offered. MergerTech has also been recognized as the leading bank that offers mobile banking services. The company has received a higher ranking as compared to other financial institutions such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs. Thanks to the input of Nitin Khanna, MergerTech is set to grow further.

See Nitin’s sucess story here https://yourstory.com/mystory/48e163e5d2-nitin-khanna-an-nri-who-made-it-big-in-portland-oregon

Founder of Lime Crime- Doe Deere’s journey in America

A Russian girl with American dreams, Doe Deere, is the founder of Lime Crime which is a makeup company started in the late 20s with more than 35 employees in Los Angeles. She is now inspiring millions of women in the world who want to achieve their dreams in America.

Her life turned upside down when young Doe’s family decided to move out from Russia to New York for better opportunities. The family had to struggle a lot at first since it wasn’t an easy start. Doe’s mother who was an accountant in Russia took little jobs like cleaning apartments or walking dogs to make ends meet.

The next six months were tough since Doe’s family had moved into a homeless shelter in Manhattan with a tiny room and single bed without any kitchen. Even after all these hard times, Doe was still reluctant to achieve her dream to become a fashion designer and continued to work hard for it.

During 1999, all their lives changed when they met a lawyer and feminist named Dorchen Leidholdt who realized their potential and helped Doe to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and her little sister into Columbia University through a full scholarship.

The family was then transferred to the Lehman Projects in East Harlem in 2000, and the sisters were glad to have separate rooms and a kitchen too though there were many hurdles for the family, but they were determined to work hard and win eventually.

The hardships made Doe capable of achieving great things and after 20 years of dedication and hard work she finally started her own makeup company, Lime Crime which instantly became a huge success in 2008.

Doe believes that her ‘American Dream’ wouldn’t have been possible without the support of all the people in America who helped her and her family during their worst times. She is willing to contribute and give back the same love she received so that she could help other immigrants feel welcomed in America by promoting a better and positive image about America.


Ryan Seacrest Becomes A Mainstay Of Daytime TV

There are few sectors of the media which have escaped the grasp of radio and TV host, Ryan Seacrest. After dropping out of the University of Georgia in his home state, Seacrest has gone on to become more than simply a TV host for the TV franchise, “American Idol“, but has entered a range of different areas of the media. Recently honored by the Fashion Scholarship Fund, the “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” co-host revealed the transformation of his life has been enormous and is ongoing.

Many fans know Ryan Seacrest for his hosting roles on successful primetime TV events such as “American Idol” and the E! network’s red carpet awards preshow specials. However, the Executive Producer of some of the most successful shows in TV history is always looking to add to the range of projects he becomes involved in. Ryan Seacrest Productions is one of the world’s leading media companies driven by its partnership with the reality TV family, the Kardashians.

What makes the rise of the TV host even more impressive is the fact he has achieved his impressive success in a single decade of TV work. In 2008, the former cable TV host of many youth-oriented shows was given his big break as the co-host of the “Idol” franchise, which he would become the sole host of by season two. After becoming a staple of primetime TV, Ryan Seacrest continued to find success as a radio host with two nationally-syndicated shows.

The head of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation set out to affect the lives of millions of children by developing a media-based scholarship and hospital-based charitable organization. The philanthropic work of Seacrest has continued alongside his developing role as one of the most famous daytime TV hosts in the U.S. featuring on the long-running “Live!” franchise. Originally developed in 1983, “Live! With Kelly and Ryan” now sees Seacrest act as host and executive producer on a reinvigorated format following years of host changes prior to the arrival of the “American Idol” legend.

Jason Hope: Benefits Internet Of Things Presents To The Airline Industry’s Future

Based in Scottsdale, Jason is an entrepreneur, technology enthusiast, investor and futurist with interests in giving back to the community through his many philanthropic activities.

After completion of his degree in finance studies, Jason Hope obtained an MBA from the Carey School of Business. Soon after creating a mobile tech communication firm, as well as involving himself in community programs in the locality and mentoring the youth.

Jason Hope futuristic interests lie in the Internet of Things (IoT). The investor has complete confidence the application of the concept can shape future interactions with technology. Continuous adoption of wireless connectivity is vamping technological outlays, and there is an expectation that by 2020, more than 25 billion gadgets will be interlinked.

A key feature of the advancement in IoT technology is the Bluetooth beacon that provides for objects to interact with each other and receive commands from people. The beacons can gather information and relay it, with current beacons featuring a sensor that is relatively small in size that can be attached to almost any device.

Jason Hope notes the broad implication the new technology has on the airline industry, and of particular interest to the investor is the proportion of budget allocation provided by the industry to implement Internet of Things based practices. The entrepreneur is aware of plans by more than half of the airline industry players to execute the adoption of the IoT technological advancements. Such statistics indicate the central role that the technology will have on the air transport experience.

On the safety benefits that IoT brings to the air travel companies, Jason Hope reflects on the importance of real-time data collection, with each section of a plane connected and enabled to collect and transmit data to ground clues for analysis. The feedback makes it easier to track maintenance schedules automatically, while also projecting confidence to the clients that use the airlines.

The airlines are solving inefficiencies in security check-ups, and ticket pricing fluctuation challenges through the use of IoT, resulting in better customer services. The beacon technology is projected to provide the client with directions in the future, while responses from sensors situated on passenger seats will aid the airline companies to adjust the environment to suit the client requirements.

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