OSI Industries Embraces Sustainability under the Tenure of Sheldon Lavin- the Current Serving CEO to the Company

The quality of leadership within an organization matters a lot. Well, as for OSI Industries, under the leadership of the likes of Sheldon Lavin, the company’s growth curve has been on the rise. Additionally, OSI has always had the reputation of always handling challenges head-on as well as embracing innovation in relation to the food provision industry.

Background Information

For a company to be commended as a leader in its area of expertise, this is a clear indicator that the company is on the right track. Emerging from a local butcher shop to a company that even acted as the main supplier of meat products to the McDonald’s entity, the growth of OSI since back in the day is quite impressive. Although leaders like Sheldon Lavin were not there since the beginning, Lavin has served as the chief executive officer of the company since the mid-1970s, and he is the man who pioneered the global growth of OSI.

Well, as for Sheldon Lavin, since the day he began serving at OSI as the CEO, he came into the organization as a man with a plan. His plan involved improving on areas such as efficiency while also minimizing the negative impact that the company’s operations may have on the environment. That is why Sheldon Lavin has always advocated for sustainability.

Additional Information

Since OSI Industries has been expanding globally, they have had to embrace various changes such as the implementation of new strategies to sustain and strengthen global presence. Additionally, since OSI Industries have been able to embrace sustainability under the tenure of Sheldon Lavin, the ability to show care towards the environment has earned them a positive reputation. The positive reputation contributed to Sheldon Lavin and OSI Industries being accorded various awards such as; California Green Business Award, Global Visionary Award, the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award, among other prestigious awards.


As a renowned company dealing in food provision services, OSI Industries has been able to showcase the importance of investing in god leaders who also have a grand vision. Additionally, OSI has also led by example since the move to embrace sustainability was meant to make sure that the environment is not affected adversely. Far from that, the implementation of new strategies has also played a major role in the global expansion of OSI.

Netpicks Reveals Why Chasing Stock Trades Is a Terrible Idea

When you are developing your trading plan, you will realize that sticking to it will be difficult, even in regular market conditions. However, when market volatility strikes, sticking to your trading plan can be a lot more difficult than you imagined.


Deviating from Your Investment Strategies

It is too easy to allow yourself to be sucked into trading stock outside of the trading plant that you developed, based on Netpicks. This is especially true when the market is making quick moves, and prices are fluctuating. It can be very scary, especially if your finances are set in short-term trade investments.


Dangers of Deviating from Your Investment Strategy

Short-term trade investments provide a lot of inconsistency, and so do some long-term investment markets, according to Netpicks. It is important to consider that tomorrow’s movements may result in better trading opportunities, but this is somehow overlooked by many investors having a fear of missing out, or the possibility of losing great sums of money.

All of these inconsistencies cause you to make changes in your typical decision-making process, which leads to trading decisions that affect your bottom line, and not for the better. Later, it can send your investment strategies into negative areas. This will eventually create a dangerous, spiraling investment strategy to develop, leading to painful, sizable losses for a day or even weeks.


The Key to Successful Investing

The key to successful investing is sticking to your investment plan. You developed this plan in an effort to protect your money. Realize that you spent countless hours researching data for your investment plan, and your plan was developed in a way that will protect your money, and your return on investment, get more info on (Dailyforex.com).

If you are not sure about the investment plan that you had developed initially, instead of randomly investing in areas outside your chosen areas, take time to research the areas of investment you are tempted to enter. Evaluate the investment opportunities carefully, and redevelop your investment plan in your best interest. Never invest blindly into a stock that you have heard is doing good. Know the ins and outs of your decision before you make it, read more details on dailyforexreport.com.


Nutritious Water from Waiakea Water Company

Hawaii volcanic water is a commodity with a difference regarding quality and accessibility. With many people opting to take bottled water than taped water, it was with much appreciation about launching the volcanic water benefits in 2012. Hawaii water volcanic is naturally pure and healthy in the entire world. People have different reasons for embracing the bottled water mainly because of its environmental connectedness. When purchasing bottled water, there are specific factors that you need to consider. The water that you think may have come from a particular origin might not be from the source itself. Some tapped water gets passed through a machine to attain the intended pH in some companies.

When buying the commodity, the consumer should do thorough research about the company offering the water. Then, verify that the source of the product is the one stipulated by the firm. We have many companies that provide bottled water in the market. However, none of these firms can offer an outstanding commodity like Waiakea water company. The firm stands to defend its brand and proofs its high quality. Using the product from Waiakea will leave you relieved from stress and offers a healing sensation.

Many at times, we do not consider the extent to which pH can affect the performance of our body. One unique character of Waiakea’s water is its level of alkalinity. Drinks or food with acid can bring health weakness to our bodies. The pH scale assumes from 0-14. Going lower in the pH level will show much acidity while moving up in the scale will increase the alkalinity. Zero indicates pure acidity while a value of 14 in the pH table shows pure alkalinity. Seven is neutral. A human body requires a pH of around 7 to maintain the proper performance of cells.

Some bottled water has a pH level ranging between four and seven. The food we take with a pH level below 5.5 can destroy our teeth through demineralization. Waiakea water has a natural alkaline pH of 8.2. Hawaii volcanic water attains its alkalinity by passing through a 14,000 feet porous rock.


The Money Management Skills of Dick DeVos

While it is important to generate a lot of income, there are people who make a lot of money and then blow it all. There is one skill that needs to be learned in order for people to get anywhere. This skill is money management. Dick DeVos himself is a billionaire. Therefore, it is safe to say that he knows how to manage his money. One thing he does is make sure that he has enough money to support himself and every other need before he decides whether or not he wants to spend money on something. He also puts his money to good use.


One thing about money management is that it is very simple. The key is to spend less than what one is making. However, some people find it to be tricky. Among the factors they face is some unexpected occurrence. Fortunately, Dick DeVos has a lot of education when it comes to these factors. When it comes to money management, one thing to do is calculate the amount of money one makes. Then figure out a budget based on the average amount of money one gets so that money does not run out. The amount of money to spend should be a very small percentage.


Given that Dick DeVos has run several businesses, he has had to learn how to manage his money. For one thing, a lot of money should be invested in the business for growth. Also, given that he has set up a family foundation with his wife, Betsy, he has to make sure that he is putting some money towards the purpose of his foundation. Fortunately, given that Dick DeVos is a billionaire, he has a little bit of money left over so that he can fund many different projects that are meant to improve the community.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

A Riveting Account Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Claim To Business Fame

Banco Bradesco is among one of the most prominent and long-running financial services in Brazil’s banking industry. Just as illustrious and long-lasting as the corporation itself is Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who’s contributed his financial and investment expertise to Banco Bradesco for over four decades. No doubt a steadfast employee, Cappi’s remained faithful to his employer through periods of financial setbacks, economic calamities, and business-related hurdles. Fortunately, when Cappi was brought on board in 1969, his commitment to enhancing Brazil’s banking sphere never wavered. In fact, this prospect served as the catalyst for his noble efforts.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s career at Banco Bradesco started like any other, with Cappi assuming the role of a bank teller who showed undeniable promise. After two hard-working years, Banco Bradesco proposed an inconvenient offer that required Cappi to commute hours to work. Being the industrious man that he is, Cappi agreed without hesitation. Some years down the line, Cappi was rewarded for his unfaltering devotion to the betterment of Banco Bradesco, receiving an outpouring of commendation from his superiors along with a rather lucrative promotion.

Read more: Bradesco: New president to leave executive body, says Trabuco

Come 1984, Cappi was serving as Banco Bradesco’s Director of Marketing. Given his partiality to thrilling endeavors, Cappi accepted the position with a healthy dose of gratitude and gusto. As the Director of Marketing, Cappi was tasked with formulating purpose-driven solutions that would mitigate otherwise catastrophic outcomes. What’s more, the onus was on Cappi to keep Banco Bradesco on the cutting edge of innovation according to agenciacma.com.br. Though these are undoubtedly daunting tasks, Cappi’s pioneering spirit proved no match for these taxing undertakings.

In fact, it aroused intrigue in Cappi, inspiring him to implement segmenting and targeting tactics he’d learned as the head of Banco Bradesco’s Seguros sector. Not surprisingly, Cappi delivered on his duties, ushering in new era of advertising in the banking sphere. With Banco Bradesco operating at peak levels due to Cappi’s efforts, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi became a prominent name in the industry. Cappi’s reputation only strengthened after becoming the company’s CEO in 2009. Now in the vanguard of developments, Cappi was free to govern the lion’s share of operations. Nearly a decade later, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi reached the pinnacle of his career when he accepted an opening as President of Banco Bradesco, a role for which Cappi holds dearly.

See: http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/mercado/2017/10/1926243-proximo-presidente-do-bradesco-saira-da-diretoria-do-banco-diz-trabuco.shtml

The South Has Taken Over With Brown Modeling Agency!

Modeling is a profession that has been around for several decades. When businesses want to market their products, they contact a modeling agency for some of the quality models they have on hand to represent their company. But when many people think about models in the United States, they think about high fashion cities like New York or Los Angeles, but never the South. The Brown Modeling Agency has taken the world by storm for over 8 years and is based in Austin, TX, the state’s capital. They have quickly become an industry leader since it was established.


Started a Wilhelmina Austin in 2010, models have worked for L’oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and many others companies needing a fresh look for the advertisement they want to market. Expectations from this region of the country has exceeded what designers, corporations and beauty gurus had in mind. After becoming the only full service agency in Austin in 2015 and taken on the name Brown Modeling Agency, they have been sought after even more. The name comes from its CEO Justin Brown who has been at the forefront of its installation since day one.


Wilhelmina Austin joined forces with Heyman Talent-South, relaunching the company to the current name we know today, Brown Modeling Agency. This merger brought along a broader portfolio of talent for greater opportunities across the country. Justin stated that this was an integral part of their growth strategy for their clients and talents. The founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée, was just as thrilled to about the combined companies to make their expertise a lasting opportunity for everyone.




Brown Modeling Agency models have been seen on runways such as New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and other shows across the country. Justin Brown actually got his start working as a model while in college but soon became curious on what happened behind the cameras. He showed models how to operate like pros and then started recruiting them for agencies he worked for. This became a great way for him to get over being a shy kid but he was able to help models do the same thing.


Brown doesn’t sell pipe dreams to models just to get them to work for them. They pride themselves on not making promises they cannot keep by managing expectations models may have. Mr. Brown experienced the business in New York and Los Angeles which gave him greater insight on how to get a model into a bigger market. The agency soon started sending models out for print jobs, commercials and even roles to play in movies. They continue to hire local and look nationally to place talented hired models. You can visit their Instagram page.


Talkspace and Michael Phelps Partner Up to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Talkspace and Michael Phelps Partner Up to Raise Mental Health Awareness with Goal of Helping Others Seek Treatment

Michael Phelps and Talkspace announced a new partnership. Through this partnership, Phelps will serve on the Talkspace board, share his lifelong battle with depression and anxiety, participate in a national mental health campaign, and work alongside Talkspace to raise awareness on the topic of mental health as well as the importance of seeking help. Michael Phelps shares his story on the Talkspace website: https://www.talkspace.com. There Phelps talks about his difficulties with depression and anxiety, but also discusses how therapy helped him face this and feel stronger. Given his broad appeal and candid willingness to discuss the benefits of therapy in combatting mental health issues one may face, this is a natural partnership. Both parties hope to breakdown some of the barriers that may prevent individuals suffering from mental health issues from obtaining health. Many of these barriers can stem from the feeling of potential bias or the fear of a stigma attached to the individual should they obtain help. A public figure speaking openly on how therapy helped him will hopefully eliminate some of these difficulties so that those that need the help will get it.

Therapy is a helpful means for obtaining help to combat the difficulties an individual endures while suffering from mental health disorders. Michael Phelps will speak on how therapy helped him as he suffered from lifelong depress and anxiety. Talkspace is an online therapy provider that links users with licensed therapists. It offers a range of plans at different price points. The plans provide therapy through text, voice or talk, and video chat. They range in price points and allow users to obtain therapy in a manner that best suits their lifestyle. In addition to unlimited text therapy and live talk therapy, provided via a laptop, phone, or tablet device, Talkspace also offers couple counseling. Through this new partnership with Talkspace, Michael Phelps will share how therapy helped him with depression and anxiety, ultimately saving his life. This partnership will illustrate how much of an impact therapy can make in hopes of encouraging others to seek out treatment if they need it.

Madison Street Capital reputation as a top financial advisor

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that operates globally, although its main headquarters are in the United States. The firm has a huge reputation in the financial industry. It is led by CEO Charles Botchway and a team of professionals who understand the needs of the middle-level market strategies. The company helps these businesses to understand how business growth should occur by analyzing the micro-indicators. The experience of the CEO comes in handy when looking for reasons why the company has grown very fast. Charles Botchway has experience in the industry after working with different private and public companies in the same fields as Madison Street Capital.


Charles Botchway co-founded the firm and created measures that would allow middle-level businesses to gain from financial consulting. With the high number of professionals in the company, it is likely that every customer who approached the firm will come out with solutions to all the challenges that they may be having. The investment bank currently has operations in the United States, Asia, and Africa. Its main offices are in Chicago.


Charles Botchway co-founded Madison Street Capital with the intention of serving the needs of the financial sector. From his previous jobs, he had learned the challenges that the industry faces and was ready to offer solutions through his firm.


So far, from the information revealed by articles on PR.com, there are many businesses which have benefited from the advice offered by Madison Street Capital. Recently, the investment firm was behind the merger of two companies in the IT industry. DCG Software Value merged with Spitfire. The merger was completed through services offered by Madison Street Capital through the managing director Jay Rodgers. These two companies have combined forces to provide clients with better software valuation services. The management of both firms were happy with how the investment form oversaw the merger. They praised Jay Rodgers for facilitating seamless merger through valuable insight. More information about this merger and the services offered by these two companies can be found at Pr.com.


Madison Street Capital Reputation


Madison Street Capital has a history of excellence and professionalism in conducting its activities. The firm has positioned itself as the solutions provider for the middle-level market which is full of entrepreneurs who want to make to the next level. These entrepreneurs are not only in need of investment capital but also advice on how to manage the business. There are various services which a business may need which include an exit strategy, restructuring to accommodate growth.


There are so many financial aspects of a business which can only be facilitated by experts who understand how the financial sector works. Madison Street Capital has invested in the delivery of services which cannot be achieved by any other firm.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Kamil Idris Explaining How Africa Is Growing

Africa has an estimated population of 1.2 billion. As the second most populous continent in the world, it is quickly becoming an economic force. Some of the factors that makes the continent an economic force is the abundance of natural resources. Currently, Africa is the source of 54% of the world’s gold supply, 85% of international platinum supply and source of 99% of the world’s chrome needs.

The African economy is developing in ways that will create a potential ripple effect across the globe. Emerging economies are gaining traction. As this happens, millions of Africans get the opportunity to overcome poverty and exert some influence in the global economy. Africa has started positioning itself as a force to be recognized when it comes to the global economy. It has become more technologically advanced, as well as becoming more inter-connected with other countries. With the current pace, it is evident that the continent may soon be in the leagues of other continents such as Europe and Australia.

Current state of Africa’s economy

Generally speaking, Africa can be divided into two main regions. Sub-Saharan Africa is one region with a GDP capita of approximately $3,300 in 2014. The second region is North Africa with $11,000 GDP per capita in the same year. Additionally, Sub-Saharan Africa has a lesser large middle class with a lower poverty rate compared to that of North Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa has been enjoying a greater average GDP rate, despite having a lower GDP per capita, over the decade after 2014. It is at 5.8%, which is more than its northern counterpart at 4%. With this in mind, the fact that the southern region of the continent records the highest percentage of informal employment should not be a surprise. Informal employment in this case is determined by the measure of the number of individuals, such as freelance workers and entrepreneurs, who are working outside the prerogative of the government.

According to Professor Kamil Idris, this growth is seen to be increasing rather than decreasing in the near future. Foreign investment has quadrupled between 2004 and 2014. Investors interested in Africa have been motivated by the fact that healthcare and transportation companies have realized growth in double digits.

Kamil Idris Biography

Professor Kamil Eltayeb Idris is an international civil servant and Sudanese statesman. He was born on 26th August, 1954. One of his main achievements was being the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Director General from 1997 to 2008.

William Saito; Technology Expert and Successful Entrepreneur

William Saito is an entrepreneur and former political and strategic advisor for the government of Japan. His passion for technology started at a tender age. For instance, at the age of ten, he got an internship in computer programming at a reputable firm. He ventured into the business while still in college and founded a company that greatly influenced technology space around the world especially in the development of authentication tools such as fingerprint recognition. He later sold the company to Microsoft. Saito was given Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship of the year award in 1998 for his contribution and impact in the field of technology.

Developing the interest in technology

While growing up in the seventies and eighties, the development of the personal computer was taking shape. William Saito developed an enthusiasm for technology and his math teacher recommended he get a computer to help him advance his math and science skills. His passion for technology was fueled by the urge to get inside a software and learn how it works. Saito fondly remembers when he was in the fifth grade, he longed to break the copy-protection machine to see how it worked his longing to disassemble devices in the house

to see how they worked.

William Saito got his first job at Merill Lynch when he was still in junior high. His responsibilities were going through financial calculations using computer programs. A technology known as a bulletin-board system that enables individuals to remotely stay in touch took the industry by storm. He got interested in the technology and started working for Japanese technological companies as a translator. He also worked with other American companies like Datastorm technologies on various projects. His reputation in Japan spread considerably opting him to establish his first company, I/O Software Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Personal and business skills

In the book An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, William Saito gives details about his interest in technology world at an early age. His parents purchased him an IBM computer as recommended by his math teacher. He used the computer to advance his personal skills and within a very short time, he could completely assemble a computer. His internship at Merrill Lynch influenced significant knowledge and experience. Furthermore, translating for the Japanese companies necessitated him to establish a company while in college. William Saito success story is a perfect example that handwork and determination pays.