William Saito; Technology Expert and Successful Entrepreneur

William Saito is an entrepreneur and former political and strategic advisor for the government of Japan. His passion for technology started at a tender age. For instance, at the age of ten, he got an internship in computer programming at a reputable firm. He ventured into the business while still in college and founded a company that greatly influenced technology space around the world especially in the development of authentication tools such as fingerprint recognition. He later sold the company to Microsoft. Saito was given Ernst & Young Entrepreneurship of the year award in 1998 for his contribution and impact in the field of technology.

Developing the interest in technology

While growing up in the seventies and eighties, the development of the personal computer was taking shape. William Saito developed an enthusiasm for technology and his math teacher recommended he get a computer to help him advance his math and science skills. His passion for technology was fueled by the urge to get inside a software and learn how it works. Saito fondly remembers when he was in the fifth grade, he longed to break the copy-protection machine to see how it worked his longing to disassemble devices in the house

to see how they worked.

William Saito got his first job at Merill Lynch when he was still in junior high. His responsibilities were going through financial calculations using computer programs. A technology known as a bulletin-board system that enables individuals to remotely stay in touch took the industry by storm. He got interested in the technology and started working for Japanese technological companies as a translator. He also worked with other American companies like Datastorm technologies on various projects. His reputation in Japan spread considerably opting him to establish his first company, I/O Software Inc. in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Personal and business skills

In the book An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur, William Saito gives details about his interest in technology world at an early age. His parents purchased him an IBM computer as recommended by his math teacher. He used the computer to advance his personal skills and within a very short time, he could completely assemble a computer. His internship at Merrill Lynch influenced significant knowledge and experience. Furthermore, translating for the Japanese companies necessitated him to establish a company while in college. William Saito success story is a perfect example that handwork and determination pays.