Boraie Development Joins Shaquille O’Neal in Creating a Luxury Addition to the Newark Skyline

Boraie Development is a development company based off New Jersey. Boraie focuses on the development and construction of luxury residences and other buildings and has grown to be one of the top development companies in all of New Jersey. They have many projects that have become points of interest in the state and they emphasize the use of their own funds for every project. They exercise their vision by highlighting their commitment to reliability and solid execution of plans. Omar Boraie boasts an impressive 30 years of work in the development business. Their company focuses mainly on long-term ownership commitments.

One of their most recent development projects is a luxurious residential building in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The project will be a 238 full residential unit building called the Aspire and will boast some very impressive amenities for its residents. These amenities include a lobby with a doorman available all 24 hours and 7 days a week, an attached parking garage for residents with direct access to the lobby through an elevator, a fantastic gym and exercise room, a club for residents where they will be able to work and rest, an outdoor barbeque space on the rooftop with an attached garden, and extra recreational space.

According to Rutgers, one of Boraie most recent ventures involves a partnership with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. They will be partnering up to develop a luxury residential building in Newark, New Jersey, which is O’Neal’s hometown. The basketball superstar stated that this project was his way of making a mark in his city and that the building will be called the “Shaq Tower”. The project will cost an approximate $79 million and will be one of the first additions of its stature and height to the New Jersey cityscape in over 50 years. For more details visit


The project is meant to turn the public’s perception of Newark, New Jersey into a city that is on the rise and moving up. O’Neal has chosen to partner up with Boraie for their years of expertise in the development business and states that he is very confident in his choice.

Apart from being a great addition to the city of Newark, the project will help create jobs for its residents, as O’Neal has stated that he wants to help the local community a much as he can in order to drive up commerce in the area, and give the resident an opportunity to move upwards with his project.


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