“Dr Saad Saad Helps Children Affected by War in the Middle East “

Dr Saad Saad is a surgeon with a good heart. He has built a successful career and made a significant contribution to the medical field. When he is not treating patients, he is helping the less privileged. He performed large amounts of surgery during his career and worked with other surgeons to help patients. Dr Saad Saad was touched by the plight of children who are affected by the war in the Middle East. He realized that children lack medical treatment because of conflict.


Moreover, doctors in these countries lack the expertise to offer quality treatment. He set out to help these children by treating them for free. In 2002, a medical organization called Palestine Children’s Relief Fund approached him with an offer.


The organization gives medical aid to Middle East Children. It needed a surgeon to operate on a 15-year-old boy who suffered gunshot wounds. They wanted someone with vast experience and an interest in helping children. While there were many doctors, Dr Saad Saad was picked because of his medical contribution in the Arab World. He was flown from the US to perform the life-threatening surgery. The boy was in bad condition. He had burnt skin because of a gunshot wound and difficulty eating. He performed the surgery in 2003 and patched up holes. The seven-hour surgery was successful, and the doctor was cheered for good work.


He performed another surgery on a child suffering from gunshot wound in 2010. The intestines of the girl were outside the stomach, and people feared that she would die. Local doctors struggled to help her, but she did not recover. Palestinian doctors did not have adequate skills to handle complex surgery. Dr Saad Saad saved the situation by creating a covering the exposed abdomen. It took five hours to perform the surgery. The condition of the girl improved significantly.


He performed another surgery in 2013 on a boy who was hit by a bomb in the Gaza Strip. He was paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair and needed a nerve transplant surgery to rectify the situation. Since he is not a nerve doctor, he looked for someone else to do the operation. The boy was flown to the US to receive a nerve transplant. After the surgery, he walked to the airport alone to return to Gaza Strip.


Dr Saad Saad travelled to Palestine to help the underprivileged, improve the economy and pass his skills to local doctors. He realized that he could not save everyone and needed to train Palestinian doctors. They watched him perform surgery to learn how it is done. After a few sessions, Palestinian doctors could perform complex surgery without Dr Saad Saad’s help. Dr Saad Saad has shown what it means to have a heart for the needy. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/saad-saad/