Marc Beer’s Venture into Women’s Health

Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc., in 2016 and is currently on its chairman’s seat. The company was established to help treat women suffering from pelvic floor disorder.


A Man with Experience

The 53-year-old is a celebrated executive with vast experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and device industries earning himself 25 years of experience. Marc Beer was an exceptional leader at Abbot Laboratories where he played a crucial role in supporting the pharmaceutical and diagnostic departments of the company.


The Partnership that Changed Things

Marc Beer started a partnership with a gynecologist who had been practicing for 30 years. The gynecologist had dedicated close to a decade of his life to finding women with pelvic floor disorders get treatment without surgery. Together with Marc Beer, they formed Renovia. Marc Beer has been interested in women’s health, and this venture has allowed him to pursue it.


Marc Beer raised $42 million for the startup of Renovia that is aimed at diagnosing and correcting pelvic floor disorders which affect approximately 250 million women. The money will be directed toward designing high-tech devices for diagnostics and treatment with products such as sensors, apps, algorithms, and machines. The company has kick-started its first product called Leva which was recently approved by FDA.


Generous Funding

The funding of Renovia was spearheaded by Longwood Fund and later joined by The Perceptive Advisers of New York and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Marc Beer, on behave of the Renovia Inc., expressed his gratitude to the investors who showed so much support towards the company’s venture to assist millions of women with pelvic floor disorder. He went ahead to state how innovative technology in healthcare will help patients access all the required information more easily and therefore get better informed on treatment options. The company’s prime dedication is to see to it that their diagnosis and treatment options are made affordable. Learn more:


Eradication of Stigma

Marc Beer’s company, Renovia Inc. is working towards eradicating the stigma that comes with engaging in talks about pelvic floor disorder and therefore creating more awareness of it. This knowledge will make it easier to detect the condition earlier. The company lobbies for the screening of women for urinary inconsistencies regardless of age to combat the condition in good time.