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Donata Meirelles is a fashion icon and legend in Brazil and what she says regarding fashion and fashion trends is taken as the law. According to her, style begins with personal beauty. Many will be quick to jump to only looking at outward appearance, but she says true beauty starts from within then extends on the outside. You have to feel happy and feel good about yourself so that you can transmit good moods and good energies to others.

On the outside, feel free to make use of Chanel products. Hydra Beauty is perfect for dry lips, Le Lift firmer works well around the eye region, and the company’s two-phase makeup remover are great for when you want to freshen up.

When it comes to clothes, Donata Meirelles loves the ‘80s inspired look and says you should not shy away from it. If anything, feel free to go bold and wild with metal laminates, luster, and embroidery to find the perfect casual look. The best thing about clothes from this decade is that they can be worn either during the day or night. Pairing denim with clothes from the ’80s also does magic to up your game giving you a fashion edge over other people. Follow Donata Meirelles on Twitter.

For accessories, bags and ankle boots come in handy. Accessories in red and black can transform any basic look into a fashionable style. Ankle boots have a way of making any basic look sexy. Bucket bags from the ’90s are back with a bang, therefore, feel free to get yourself some of these. However, you can never go wrong with a classic handbag made of noble material with a special finish. A classic bag with a classic shape is timeless and will never go out of fashion. If you can’t seem to pick out a bag from your wardrobe, reach for the classic handbag. Fashionable glasses and sunglasses also have a way of transforming your basic look into a fashion statement. The good thing with glasses is they can be worn both during the day and at night.

Donata Meirelles is also gushing about clear bags that have hit the market. If you want to pull off this look, the Director of Style at Vogue has some tips for you. You have to start with editing by putting things like money, cards, and checkbooks in wallets. With transparent bags you can’t show off everything; otherwise, you will not pull off the look properly. However, if you have a makeup item in beautiful packaging such as Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Nutrition lip balm, feel free to show it off. Keep your sunglasses inside the hood, and lastly, with this bag, you can go for anything from colored to metallic. Visit:

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum: A Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Based in New York City

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a well-known orthopedic surgeon currently based in the city of New York. He got his ScB degree at the Brown University, with Neuroscience as his primary concentration. He later took up his MD at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, focusing on orthopedic surgery and medicine. He had his fellowship at the Thomas Jefferson University and took up two executive educations specializing in value measurement in healthcare and managing healthcare delivery at the prestigious Harvard University.

Soon after he graduated from the university, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum looked for jobs, and he has experience working for different medical institutions and organizations. His first job was as a consultant for Stryker, where he actively participated for twenty-four years, from 1991 and 2015. Aside from his job as a consultant for Stryker, he also served the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, holding multiple committees since he joined in 1995 up to the present. He also served as an editor for WebMD from 2004 to 2008, which has become one of the most popular online medical websites visited by millions. His knowledge in programming also landed him a job at RAND Corporation, where he worked as a Health IT Expert from January 2011 up to December 2012.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is also serving as an editorial advisory board member for Medscape, starting in 2013 up to the present. He is also providing his services in the IT industry as a chief medical officer for DTC Healthcom, as well as a managing partner for Sprocket Health, a startup that introduced the ReferralPad.

Most of the time, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum can be found in his clinic at the Bronx Health System, where he serves as the chairman of the orthopedics department. His skills in looking after patients who are experiencing problems with their bones, joints, and muscles allowed him to establish his reputation among the orthopedic surgeons in the city. Many people who are visiting his clinic are impressed with his knowledge about the medical field, and through word of mouth, people who are interested in his treatment methods are starting to flock to his clinic.

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An Insight into the Career and Success of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is widely known as the Principal and Co-Chairman of the globally successful alternative asset management firm based in New York, Fortress Investment Group. He was one of the founders of this alternative asset management firm which was launched in 1998 but came to join it in 2002 after he finished his 15-year tenure at Goldman, Sachs & Co. At the helm of his career at the prestigious Goldman, Sachs & Co he was appointed as a partner at the firm. Once he joined Fortress Investment Group, Peter’s career shot up like a rocket taking him to the top of his sectors professionals.

Walking the road of prosperity

This now very prosperous business leader went straight to the Management Committee at Fortress Investment Group when he joined the firm in March 2002. Peter Briger had acquired a lot of class-leading leadership skills during his time at Goldman, Sachs which was very instrumental in his progress at this alternative asset management firm. His excellent work and commitment led to his election to the Board of Directors of Fortress Investment Group as a member. He went on with his outstanding job, and in August 2009 he was elected to become a Co-Chairman of this firm. Under the leadership of Peter Briger and his fellow principals, Fortress Investment Group has grown to become a top global alternative asset management firm. Peter was also named among the top 400 business and financial professionals on the globe.

Growing Fortress Investment Group

In under two decades, the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group, Peter included have managed to grow the firm expansively. Today, this alternative asset management firm offers numerous services to its more than 1750 high net worth clients – both corporate clients and individual clients. Corporate mergers and acquisitions, asset-based investing, and operations management are the primary services that this firm provides. In addition to this, capital markets advisory and sector-specific knowledge are also offered by this firm. With Peter Briger onboard, Fortress Investment Group has been part of some of the record-setting mergers and acquisition that have been witnessed in the markets in the two decades of its existence.

A Recap of Recent Developments at Lincolnshire Management

The American firm was established as a private equity company more than two decades ago. Lincolnshire Management has successfully acquired many private firms from different sectors of the economy and this has had a positive impact on their growth. It has its headquarters in New York. The capital base of the organization has an estimated value of more than $1.7 billion. An affiliate of Lincolnshire Management, Holley, was sold in late last year. The move was after a decision by the relevant stakeholders. Follow this link to read this in details.

The details of the transaction were not revealed to members of the public. Holley has been operational for more than a century now. It specializes in the designing and marketing of products for the automotive market. Due to the many years of operation, Holley has gained a good reputation in the industry and has become a pacesetter. It has had a great contribution to the country’s performance car culture. Holley has given rise to other brands including Hooker, Hays, and Earls. The firm has always focused on meeting the lifestyle needs of car enthusiasts.

According to the chairman and chief executive officer of Lincolnshire Management, Holley is a superior brand that has succeeded in producing innovative products. The two organizations have been working closely for six years now. Teamwork between the management of the two companies is one of the main reasons for the success of the partnership. The CEO of Lincolnshire Management also revealed that some of the main objectives of the partnership were aggressive acquisition and development of new and better products to meet the needs of the customers.

Innovation is one of the core values of Holley and that has been crucial in its efforts to develop new products. It has established good relationships with its customers in the automotive sector. One of the principals at Lincolnshire Management expressed his excitement towards the partnership between the two firms. According to him, the teamwork has enabled them to adjust to changes in the business environment including technology and the customer preferences and that led to a significant increase in their revenues. The CEO of Holley pointed out that Lincolnshire Management has vast knowledge in the automotive industry.

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Madison Street Capital Award Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year

In a recent announcement by the M&A advisor, Madison Street Capital has been named the recipient of the 13th Annual Turnaround Award. The firm was also able to obtain the “Distressed M&A Deal of the Year” for servicing the Sachs Capital Group as a private advisor. The strong and productive connection between these firms allowed for a successful transaction between the companies. Barry Petersen, senior managing director of Madison Street Capital has stated that Madison Street Capital is extremely honored for the numerous awards, a recognition that his team and all members that worked on the project truly deserved.


Charles Botchway, founder and current CEO of Madison Street Capital also added his own statement on the awards by saying that this is another spotlight performance that demonstrates the abilities and skills that the company holds to present clients the best possible results. Madison Street Capital enters its 20th year in business, the company was formed to offer counseling and other advisory services to companies moving forward with mergers or acquisitions. Because of their extraordinary record of successful, Madison Street Capital is today considered the leader in company reconstruction, mergers, acquisitions and additional variety of corporate services.


Founder of M&A Advisor, Roger Aguinaldo, talked a little about what these awards mean to not only the companies but the industry as a whole. He states that the awards represent the very best within the reorganization and distressed industry, with an incredible line up of contenders, winning the award is something to truly marvel at. The winners of these awards will be recognized on March 19 during a black-tie gala event taking place in Palm Beach Florida. There is no doubt the night will be one to remembered and noted as a detail list of some of the best companies in the industry will be present at the 13th Annual Turnaround Awards.


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Krishen Iyer Has Good Communication Skills And A Passion For Giving Back

Krishen Iyer is a successful man, and one thing he prides himself in having is good communication skills. He believes that it is important to connect with his clients in a good way. He is able to give them the marketing advice that they need because of that, and he works with client interfacing each day. He also works on technical development, and he stays busy with the variety of work that he does for Managed Benefits.

Krishen Iyer uses the company to do specialized marketing and to offer advice to healthcare companies. He devotes himself to his work and to the specific needs of each client. He talks with the clients at the start of his day so that he can be thinking of them and their specific needs as he is getting his work done the rest of the day. Krishen Iyer says that he is an inquisitive man and that has helped him be productive and find success. He doesn’t regret any of the decisions that he has made in his career but feels that everything has worked out pretty well. And, he is happy about all of the advances to technology because of how they help him do things better than ever.

Krishen Iyer is a resident of Fresno, California. He attended college at the Univerity of San Diego, and he has lived in the state for a long time. Click this link to see more on Iyer’s educational background. He tries to give back to his community when he can, and he does that by volunteering. One of the projects that he is most interested in is taking care of the parks in his city, and he helps clean up trash at the parks. And, he is also interested in global charities, and he helps people in Haiti and in other places around the world who need financial support.

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Ara Chackerian Uses His Expertise to Give Back to Others

Ara Chackerian knows a lot about giving back. In fact, he does so with all the different ways he helps people. He also makes a point of giving people positive experiences so they don’t have to worry about what they’re doing or where they’re going. Even though it takes a lot of work to help people, Ara Chackerian understands it’s worth it. He also believes he can do more to help others.

There are opportunities for Ara Chackerian to give back in his business. When he started TMS Healthcare Solutions, he did so with the intention of making people see what they could get by using alternative therapies. He also made a point of giving people the things that would allow them to see more options on their own. As long as Ara Chackerian knows what people need and how to treat things like depression, he can give them the positive opportunities they need to finally get their depression under control. The point of TMS Healthcare Solutions is giving people these opportunities.

After starting his own company and seeing a lot of success with it, he realized he could do so much more than just be a co-founder of an alternative therapy business. It was important to Ara Chackerian to make sure he could give attention to the people who needed his help. Ara Chackerian started out by taking some of his profits from the business and using them to help with things like angel investments. He helps businesses who are just getting started by focusing on what he can do to give them what they need.

It’s also important to Ara Chackerian to give back to people who have very little. As a philanthropist, he can do more that might make it easier for people to see him helping them. He shows people there are things they can get and positive opportunities they can take advantage of so they don’t have to worry about what they’re doing. Ara Chackerian believes in helping people the right way so they don’t have to continue struggling to do things on their own.

Serge Belamant – A Technology Birther

Serge Belamant was born in the City of Tulle, France where he spent most of his early childhood. His family relocated to South Africa where he studied computer science at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg. He designed Universal Electronic Payment Systems and later founded Net1 UEPS Technologies Inc in 1989. In collaboration with Net1, Belamant designed a digital payment system used for transmission of benefit allocations particularly the regions of South Africa. Net1 currently is the most preferred software technology company for emerging and existing economies. Later in 1995, he made partner with VISA and designed the COPAC, Chip Offline Pre-Authorized Card, chip.

Serge Belamant founded Zilch Technologies based in United Kingdom. The notion of presenting Zilch Technologies was presented to him by his son, Philip, an IT engineer whose studies grace him with a degree in computer science. Zilch Tech focuses on the power of social media to offer the youth innovative and affordable financial products and services that relate to their lifestyle and choice of living.

Although Serge Belamant knowledge about biology and chemistry in not much, he is surprisingly interested in the trend of simplicity and complexities of DNA analysis and believes that the genome is some type of computer algorithm that can recode itself in accordance with its state and events. In his words, allowing the bridging of various fields such as medicine and computer science grants for the creation of foreign ideas and the development of solutions that are relevant to the problem being handled and facilitates oblique reasoning.

Serge Belamant advisory service is presented at Prism Group Holdings Pty Ltd and is also at the board of advisors at MediKredit Integrated Healthcare Solutions. An advice that he offers to everyone is that people should challenge their selves, challenge their thinking and challenge their own ideas and views at an individual level. His business strategy that helped grow his business career, offence and defense, develops a back up plan to ensure the continuation of the business such that in the event of a loss, assurance of winning halfway through the loss is guaranteed.

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Todd Levine Attorney

The commercial real estate industry is booming in Florida. Many people are buying real estate as an investment for the future. Some business owners are relocating to Miami due to the strong economy. With all of the economic growth, Todd Levine has more customers than ever before. Todd is an attorney in Miami who specializes in commercial litigation. He started working in the legal industry after graduating from college. Although he enjoyed working at a law firm, he decided to start his own business to have better control over his future.


Todd’s parents encouraged him to attend college so he could earn a substantial income. Todd Levine graduated with a degree in business, and then he decided to attend law school to become a lawyer. Even though he is a lawyer, he still attends a few classes each year to keep his knowledge updated. See Levine’s profile on this link.

Early Career

Todd worked for a large law firm in Miami for several years. During his time at the law firm, he worked in various positions throughout the company. He was promoted multiple times, and he started earning a large salary. He decided to save a high percentage of his income to invest in a company.


When Todd left the law firm to start a company, some people thought he made the wrong decision. However, he had a dream to own a company and to help others. He is now one of the most successful commercial litigation attorneys in Miami. Anyone who needs commercial litigation advice should consider working with Todd and his team. He values all of the customers who come to him for legal advice.

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Herbalife – The Perfect Start Up for Business Investors and Entrepreneurs

Herbalife’s overall objective as a food company is to continue to offer increased nutrition, weight loss, energy during physical exercises and physical well-being with individual care products. The daily HLF outline shows the sum of sold goods, which inherently increases HLF by 11.45 percent over the six-month period of stocks held, and maintains 48.25 percent up from its last lowest point.

The net quoted by Herbalife for the first quarter amounts to $ 1.3 billion increase in a value of 12 percent every year. The low degree of change over time is sweet, especially if you are a company owner. It implies that HLF has been steadily rising. As a result, it seems that the confidence of HLF investors has been restored. Since 1980, Herbalife has been a major distributor of health food, making it difficult to do without it. HLF’s internationally known products are placed into five main groups:

  1. nutrition
  2. weight loss
  3. energy
  4. sports
  5. fitness

Representatives at Herbalife believe in the old fashioned way of doing things. That is why their salespeople still coordinate deals using a direct sales model. People who are willing to make mistakes until they can make progress are encourages to keep improving the way they sell HLF goods. Individuals who personally meet customers with offers learn how items on their lists work and have become superior in advising prospects on items that monitor weight, as well as nutritious foods, supplements and personal care items to groom and nourish health their conscious customers.

By not skipping these essential steps and keeping in touch with each individual, you are not only learning, but also instructing. This relationship prepares international customers to receive support and buy products years down the line. These techniques have greatly increased Herbalife’s reach, and as a result it makes most of its profits in several major regions:

  1. • Europe
  2. • Africa
  3. • Asia Pacific
  4. • China
  5. • North America
  6. • Mexico
  7. • South and Central America
  8. • Middle Eastern Countries

According to Crunchbase, HFL relies on its partners to make customers of their up-beat relatives and use this relationship to gain important feedback about items. Given that it took HLF decades to obtain this broad customer approval, it is imperative that they use this information effectively. As a result, representatives are well aware of the expectations of their audience, so that they can take great care to meet their needs. One way for HLF to use this is to have different businessmen advertising one thing on a list that almost all customers have heard of, but never had the chance to test for themselves. This usually translates into a great number of sales.

Self-willed employees may choose to work part or full time, according to their own schedule. This power given to HLF employees to adjust according to their own requests attracts all kinds of people to the company. Whether you’re a new parent or a full-time college student looking for better ways to make money, Herbalife has the perfect model for those with the common need for a job that allows them to set their own working hours.

Benefits of becoming a Herbalife Associate

  • You don’t need to buy anything to start selling.
  • HLF gives a 100 percent return on unopened items that have, for any reason, been cancelled by a trader within a 12 month period.(this includes company shipping charges as well)
  • There is no need for you to buy additional equipment for to start your business.Herbalife provides its wholesalers with good sources for additional training materials and openings for those who are willing and willing to move forward within the company. HLF intends to keep track of where the industry is currently and where it seems to be going. In particular, through the monitoring of employees and customers with regard to general payments for HLF products, opportunities for interested sellers will continue to increase along with demand for Herbalife products.,9_IL.10,21_IC1146821.htm