The Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group

General information about fortress firm

In the year 1998 the Fortress Investment Group was founded. The group was started by three guy who included Mr. Wesley, Mr. Kauffman, Mr. Nardone. It’s the leading investment group in New York. On 9th February the group was officially launched and it was the leading and the largest equity firm in the New York. The firm as at 30th June 2016 was able to manage a billion of alternative assets that included private equity fund and also the credit funds.

Fortress Investment over a long period of time has strived to come up with strong risks adjustment to their investor’s good returns. The firm had around nine hundred and nine employees in the management sector and two hundred and nine professions in the investment company as at 30th September 2018. All of the employees are located either in New York or other offices all over the global. The Fortress Investment has got a lot of knowledge about the companies in which it invests in. it has got a well-developed group of teams in the investment sector who have specific advertisement and relationship knowledge and this leads to growth of the firm worldwide. Visit to learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

The jobs available in the firms

Some of the jobs available in the Fortress Investment Group includes a recruiter. The recruiter is expected to ensure that there is an overall strategies for sourcing. Also expected to ensure that there is strong relationship between the firm and the hiring managers. To become a recruiter in the Fortress Investment Group you should have three to four years’ experience in the recruiting sector in a well-developed organization. Also a recruiter should have the ability to keep the confidential information given out by an employee.

Other job available is the Head of shipping who is expected to drive a commercial aspect in the Fortress Investment Group.

There is also a credit operation associate who is expected to have a good understanding about loans and debits products. Also should better understanding of different theories that describes accounting and how they relate with the investment.

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