Steve Young – Overcoming the Odds on the Field and at HGGC

When most people see Steve Young, they see an individual who started off at Brigham Young University and grew into a leading quarterback there. He then went on to become Joe Montana’s backup with the San Francisco 49ers and then a hall of fame quarterback in his own right. He is now a leading executive and one of the founders of HGGC, a private middle market equity firm that is responsible for helping to expand many new companies. What most people do not know is that HGGC executive Steve Young has overcome a lot to get to this point in his life.

First of all, when Steve Young originally started playing football he began his college football career at BYU. He signed on as a quarterback but struggled with different dynamics regarding the position. The staff at BYU originally considered switching him to a defensive back because of how athletic he was. However, he really grew into the position and ultimately did well enough to even be drafted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the USFL Supplemental Draft in 1985. The team did poorly in his two years there; he only went 3-16 as a starter and he had ten more interceptions than touchdowns during his tenure there. However, he still did not give up.

To make a long story short, he signed with the San Francisco 49ers and spent a few years playing under Joe Montana. He ultimately took over when Joe Montana was injured and signed with the Chiefs. Young then notched 221 touchdowns to just 86 interceptions during his time as 49ers quarterback. He also led the 49ers to defeat the San Diego Chargers in Super Bowl XXIX in 1995.

There is still more to this story. Up until his days at BYU, Young suffered from crippling anxiety. He felt terribly homesick, and he wanted to go home. However, his dad told him, “you can come back, but you can’t come here. I don’t live with quitters.” Young carried that with him throughout his football days and even in his ventures after football when he started HGGC. The very qualities that Steve Young exhibits are the same philosophy that HGGC. This firm will stop at nothing to help the companies they represent, just the same as their founder Steve Young has always done.

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