“The News Version Article Recap On Chris Burch”


Earlier this year The News Version posted an article entitled “The Story of NYC’s Chris Burch and Nihi Sumba Island”. Providing some insight into Christopher Burch’s success as the CEO and founder of (Burch Creative Capital), a private investment provider which is based in New York. Taking his many talents and creating sound financial solutions for over fifty individual companies.

The News Version mentions Chris’s ability to implement his in-depth knowledge of consumer interactions and uses it towards future endeavors.

During his interview, Burch talked about having an inner driving force to assist others; which motivated him to become the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is currently providing innovative ideas for a wide variety of special industries like those dealing with technology and organic foods, more insights here on thenewsversion.com.

Chris also is involved in international and domestic real-estate investments which include a personal partnership with well-known architect Philippe Stark. He is involved in a redevelopment project involving Argentina hotelier Alan Faena as well.

The News Version article talks about Burch’s 2012 joint ownership of the Nihi Hotel and Nihi Sumba Island. Which ended up turning out to be a highly successful luxurious resort that remained harmonious with indigenous people of Sumba.

According to folklore; the Nihi Sumba Island is inhabited by the spirit of Marapu. Protecting the island natives who are still living there today, click (Inc.com) for more.

After hearing about Nihi’s outstanding business ethics, Chris decided to assist Claude with expanding the resort. This led to Burch receiving recognition as he transitioned into a hotel entrepreneur.

Today Christopher Burch is a successful billionaire businessman who is featured in popular magazines like Forbes. Showing the world that with time and dedication toward a noble cause can lead to bigger and better things!

Head over to this link, https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html.


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