Dubai: Haven for Investors by Hussein Sajwani

The DAMAC Owner, Hussein Sajwani is a true believer of the investment potential that Dubai holds or the world. This was asserted with the ranking of Dubai in the JLL Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

The rankings saw Dubai move up eight places amongst the global rankings. This meant that the city was able to reestablish its dominance in a large part of the transparent real estate market.

According to Hussein Sajwani, this holds great potential for the Emirates and also the real estate sector. Hussein added that the propelling in the market is part of the nature of business since the inception of Dubai.

The real estate market of Dubai has evolved with a larger return on investment opportunities offered to investors across the globe. The sector has been through its highs and lows but has matured through innovation to develop properties with the recent trends in support of Hussein Sajwani comments.

There have been additional properties in the market which is estimated to result in the interest and growth of the flow in terms of foreign investment in Dubai. The growth of the real estate market, however, has been attributed to several factors.

The UAE government’s initiatives have coincided with the investment in Dubai. This includes the long-term visas introduction for investors. Moreover, the waiver on the property registration by the Dubai Land Department has harnessed the transformative growth and impact in the sector.

The innovation in the technology sector has seen positive effects on the real estate sector. This has created transparency in the real estate transactions. There are also the government’s plans in implementing the blockchain in the various aspects of the sector.

There are also multiple concepts and innovative developments being completed. This increases the confidence of the investors in the real estate sector. The DAMAC Owner places the completion of the DAMAC heights as a major contribution.

Hussein Sajwani is a property developer. He is also the head at DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC Owner deals with real estate development. The DAMAC Properties was named top of the fastest growing global firms in terms of the annual growth rate of revenues by Forbes a2017 Global 2000 list.

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