“The News Version Article Recap On Chris Burch”


Earlier this year The News Version posted an article entitled “The Story of NYC’s Chris Burch and Nihi Sumba Island”. Providing some insight into Christopher Burch’s success as the CEO and founder of (Burch Creative Capital), a private investment provider which is based in New York. Taking his many talents and creating sound financial solutions for over fifty individual companies.

The News Version mentions Chris’s ability to implement his in-depth knowledge of consumer interactions and uses it towards future endeavors.

During his interview, Burch talked about having an inner driving force to assist others; which motivated him to become the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He is currently providing innovative ideas for a wide variety of special industries like those dealing with technology and organic foods, more insights here on thenewsversion.com.

Chris also is involved in international and domestic real-estate investments which include a personal partnership with well-known architect Philippe Stark. He is involved in a redevelopment project involving Argentina hotelier Alan Faena as well.

The News Version article talks about Burch’s 2012 joint ownership of the Nihi Hotel and Nihi Sumba Island. Which ended up turning out to be a highly successful luxurious resort that remained harmonious with indigenous people of Sumba.

According to folklore; the Nihi Sumba Island is inhabited by the spirit of Marapu. Protecting the island natives who are still living there today, click (Inc.com) for more.

After hearing about Nihi’s outstanding business ethics, Chris decided to assist Claude with expanding the resort. This led to Burch receiving recognition as he transitioned into a hotel entrepreneur.

Today Christopher Burch is a successful billionaire businessman who is featured in popular magazines like Forbes. Showing the world that with time and dedication toward a noble cause can lead to bigger and better things!

Head over to this link, https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/burch-creative-capital-announces-new-and-follow-on-investments-to-founder-chris-burchs-portfolio-300389216.html.


Marc Beer’s Venture into Women’s Health

Marc Beer co-founded Renovia Inc., in 2016 and is currently on its chairman’s seat. The company was established to help treat women suffering from pelvic floor disorder.


A Man with Experience

The 53-year-old is a celebrated executive with vast experience in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic and device industries earning himself 25 years of experience. Marc Beer was an exceptional leader at Abbot Laboratories where he played a crucial role in supporting the pharmaceutical and diagnostic departments of the company.


The Partnership that Changed Things

Marc Beer started a partnership with a gynecologist who had been practicing for 30 years. The gynecologist had dedicated close to a decade of his life to finding women with pelvic floor disorders get treatment without surgery. Together with Marc Beer, they formed Renovia. Marc Beer has been interested in women’s health, and this venture has allowed him to pursue it.


Marc Beer raised $42 million for the startup of Renovia that is aimed at diagnosing and correcting pelvic floor disorders which affect approximately 250 million women. The money will be directed toward designing high-tech devices for diagnostics and treatment with products such as sensors, apps, algorithms, and machines. The company has kick-started its first product called Leva which was recently approved by FDA.


Generous Funding

The funding of Renovia was spearheaded by Longwood Fund and later joined by The Perceptive Advisers of New York and Ascension Ventures of Missouri. Marc Beer, on behave of the Renovia Inc., expressed his gratitude to the investors who showed so much support towards the company’s venture to assist millions of women with pelvic floor disorder. He went ahead to state how innovative technology in healthcare will help patients access all the required information more easily and therefore get better informed on treatment options. The company’s prime dedication is to see to it that their diagnosis and treatment options are made affordable. Learn more: https://renoviainc.com/leadership/


Eradication of Stigma

Marc Beer’s company, Renovia Inc. is working towards eradicating the stigma that comes with engaging in talks about pelvic floor disorder and therefore creating more awareness of it. This knowledge will make it easier to detect the condition earlier. The company lobbies for the screening of women for urinary inconsistencies regardless of age to combat the condition in good time.


The Revolution of Dherbs

Dherbs, a Los Angeles-based health and wellness company, can help individuals who suffer from a plethora of illnesses. Dherbs actually found its niche back in 2004, and it found its footing several years later. As of 2018, this company has grown into a health-based enterprise to say the least. Though the company states that it doesn’t cure diseases, these powerful plant-based solutions do a phenomenal job of prohibiting the manifestation of diseases. Yes, there is a big difference among the two. Dherbs has proved itself time and time again. The company has a long list of satisfied customers who will backup all claims. Watch Dherbs on Youtube to learn more.

Dherbs.com is amecca for organic supplements. Nature supports all creatures that live on earth, and the company’s goal is to help people return to nature. Dherbs.com has informative articles, has a ton of research data and has a myriad of healthy products. These products are designed to optimize your system via toxin removal. Toxins may be considered the leading cause of all illnesses because you wouldn’t get sick if there were a lack of toxins. Yes, bacteria and bugs can cause issues like the common cold, but the majority of people today are being exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis.

Three-day juice, prostate tea, Pit-Tox deodorant, full-body cleanse, 10-day cleanse, men’s health supplements, women’s health supplements, aura sprays, bath drops, health powders, weight loss-management programs, vitamins, cold-pressedjuice, minerals, hearth-health products, immune-support products and many others can be found under this banner. A.D. Dolphin, a health-supplement guru, has made his dream come true, and this dream is changing people’s lives for the better. Dherbs is simply setting trends, is raising the bar higher than before and is changing the status quo. Visit: https://www.facebook.com/dherbsfamily/


Dubai: Haven for Investors by Hussein Sajwani

The DAMAC Owner, Hussein Sajwani is a true believer of the investment potential that Dubai holds or the world. This was asserted with the ranking of Dubai in the JLL Global Real Estate Transparency Index.

The rankings saw Dubai move up eight places amongst the global rankings. This meant that the city was able to reestablish its dominance in a large part of the transparent real estate market.

According to Hussein Sajwani, this holds great potential for the Emirates and also the real estate sector. Hussein added that the propelling in the market is part of the nature of business since the inception of Dubai.

The real estate market of Dubai has evolved with a larger return on investment opportunities offered to investors across the globe. The sector has been through its highs and lows but has matured through innovation to develop properties with the recent trends in support of Hussein Sajwani comments.

There have been additional properties in the market which is estimated to result in the interest and growth of the flow in terms of foreign investment in Dubai. The growth of the real estate market, however, has been attributed to several factors.

The UAE government’s initiatives have coincided with the investment in Dubai. This includes the long-term visas introduction for investors. Moreover, the waiver on the property registration by the Dubai Land Department has harnessed the transformative growth and impact in the sector.

The innovation in the technology sector has seen positive effects on the real estate sector. This has created transparency in the real estate transactions. There are also the government’s plans in implementing the blockchain in the various aspects of the sector.

There are also multiple concepts and innovative developments being completed. This increases the confidence of the investors in the real estate sector. The DAMAC Owner places the completion of the DAMAC heights as a major contribution.

Hussein Sajwani is a property developer. He is also the head at DAMAC Properties. The DAMAC Owner deals with real estate development. The DAMAC Properties was named top of the fastest growing global firms in terms of the annual growth rate of revenues by Forbes a2017 Global 2000 list.

Find out more about Hussain Sajwani- on topic article: https://twitter.com/hussainsajwani

Freedom Checks: The Secret to Early Retirement!

Majority of American citizens set aside a percentage of their paychecks to save for retirement. The 401 (k) account is among the most widely used retirement plan, and most people amass enough funds for survival during their retirement. However, the 401 (k) accounts are not always enough to ensure such wealth, and the citizens turn to Social Security to make up the difference. People who look forward to retiring without foregoing their lifestyles need to invest in opportunities with exceptional rewards.Matt Badiali, an investment guru and senior analyst at Banyan Hill recently founded an investment plan to aid American investors to grow their fortune. The companies that deal with the issuing of freedom checks gain high investment returns because they are exempted from taxation.

Investors collect checks from the government agencies regularly as a reward for putting their capital to good use. Investors who take advantage of the profitable investment opportunity can retire earlier and enjoy greater fortunes. An investor looking forward to earning through freedom checks has to invest initially. The funds invested are used by the partner companies to pay employees, purchase equipment and market the natural products such as oil and gas.Freedom Checks are legal, and they operate in conformance to the statute 26-F approved by Congress in 1987. Congress passed the law to exempt taxes to companies that generate 90% of their income in transporting, storage, production, and processing of American natural resources. Besides, companies have to make payments to their stakeholders through freedom checks.

Tax exemption by the federal government is almost non-existent in the United States and some companies even go ahead to offer tax incentives for companies to transfer to their jurisdiction.The tax code in the constitution thus provides an above average rate of return by legally shielding the investment companies from paying the federal taxes. Companies have to be organized as Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) for them to qualify under the statute 26-F. The MLPs can be traded publicly and have been legal since 1981. A meager investment of $10 is enough to purchase an MLP share. Unlike the quick money making scams, investors watch their money grow as the years go by, due to the high rate of return.

Betsy Devos

At a recent gathering of the Conservative Political Action Conference, newly-appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos discussed her new position and the goals she intends to achieve during her tenure.


DeVos, a former Michigan Republican Party chairwoman, was touted for her current position for her stance of educational issues within her state. A champion of charter schools and school choice, DeVos has worked diligently to make charter schools a more viable option for children in her state.


She, along with her husband, Amway heir, Dick DeVos, have used their massive fortunes to wield legislation in their direction. Her stance has not been without criticism. DeVos, however, looks as it as a challenge. She knows you can’t please everyone, and she has no desire to try.


While DeVos may seem polite and plainspoken, the people who know her best will tell you she’s no shrinking violet. DeVos is a fighter. She’s proved her worth in Michigan, as she fought for years to change the educational system. She also helped her husband in his unsuccessful bid to unseat former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm.


DeVos grew up in Holland, Michigan. She is the daughter of billionaire industrialist Edgar Prince. Her father was also heavily involved in Michigan politics and was a major backer of causes he supported.


But despite her work in Michigan, critics say DeVos has much to learn about public schools. One of the main knocks against her is her lack of connection with plain, ordinary Americans. People complain that she knows nothing about federal financial aid, work study, or other programs that most families need to help children pay for college.


American Federation of Teachers President Randy Weingarten says DeVos is intent on destroying public schools. “It is her mission to divert as much money as she can from public schools and put it into the coffers of private schools,” said an unnamed source.


DeVos says her job is to make sure all people are educated regardless of socioeconomic background. While many of her critics are not convinced, they say they are willing to give her a chance. Weingarten has already accepted an invitation to tour D.C. area schools with Weingarten.


Former Michigan operative Greg Mcnally says that people have a tendency to underestimate her. “She is sharp and focused on what she wants.” Opposition only emboldens her.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.