Trying to down Rocketship Education

For the past few decades public schools have been in questioned when it came to the education of children in the United States. The size of overcrowded classrooms and students not getting the proper training in academics gave birth to charter schools. These schools started off well with smaller classrooms and students but time changes all things. With the influx of kids coming into more charter schools and technology playing a bigger part of our society, the education has to change to keep up with today’s standards. Rocket Education Charter school recently came under fire out in California for its approach to this new wave of schooling.

Rocket Education is a public Charter School. While many are private this is a different twist allowing more children to part take in its education. Some of the issues that came up were from the past but also some new issues. The crowded classrooms are still a factor that all schools struggle with. Having forty to eighty kids in a classroom with little help can take a toll and occupy the time of any teacher. Technology was introduced to help with this concern. Having the kids work on computer workstations allows the teacher to single out those students in need of help. It also prepares them for the computer based world we live in.

The down side is the amount of time children spend on the computer. This may cause them to lack in the social development skills area. Spending so much time on the computer creates less human interaction. Rocket Educations has what is considered strict guidelines aimed at teaching discipline to kids. Some people think the limited bathroom breaks are too harsh. The idea is to get kids accustom to finishing their goal in a timely manner preparing them for the outside world. There is also the idea about teacher help and who should be helping. The question has come up if non teachers should be helping kids as their qualifications may be questioned. With no sure solutions all that can be done are for schools to do their best.

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