The Money Management Skills of Dick DeVos

While it is important to generate a lot of income, there are people who make a lot of money and then blow it all. There is one skill that needs to be learned in order for people to get anywhere. This skill is money management. Dick DeVos himself is a billionaire. Therefore, it is safe to say that he knows how to manage his money. One thing he does is make sure that he has enough money to support himself and every other need before he decides whether or not he wants to spend money on something. He also puts his money to good use.


One thing about money management is that it is very simple. The key is to spend less than what one is making. However, some people find it to be tricky. Among the factors they face is some unexpected occurrence. Fortunately, Dick DeVos has a lot of education when it comes to these factors. When it comes to money management, one thing to do is calculate the amount of money one makes. Then figure out a budget based on the average amount of money one gets so that money does not run out. The amount of money to spend should be a very small percentage.


Given that Dick DeVos has run several businesses, he has had to learn how to manage his money. For one thing, a lot of money should be invested in the business for growth. Also, given that he has set up a family foundation with his wife, Betsy, he has to make sure that he is putting some money towards the purpose of his foundation. Fortunately, given that Dick DeVos is a billionaire, he has a little bit of money left over so that he can fund many different projects that are meant to improve the community.


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