The South Has Taken Over With Brown Modeling Agency!

Modeling is a profession that has been around for several decades. When businesses want to market their products, they contact a modeling agency for some of the quality models they have on hand to represent their company. But when many people think about models in the United States, they think about high fashion cities like New York or Los Angeles, but never the South. The Brown Modeling Agency has taken the world by storm for over 8 years and is based in Austin, TX, the state’s capital. They have quickly become an industry leader since it was established.


Started a Wilhelmina Austin in 2010, models have worked for L’oreal, Toyota, Louis Vuitton and many others companies needing a fresh look for the advertisement they want to market. Expectations from this region of the country has exceeded what designers, corporations and beauty gurus had in mind. After becoming the only full service agency in Austin in 2015 and taken on the name Brown Modeling Agency, they have been sought after even more. The name comes from its CEO Justin Brown who has been at the forefront of its installation since day one.


Wilhelmina Austin joined forces with Heyman Talent-South, relaunching the company to the current name we know today, Brown Modeling Agency. This merger brought along a broader portfolio of talent for greater opportunities across the country. Justin stated that this was an integral part of their growth strategy for their clients and talents. The founder of Heyman Talent-South, Michael B. Bonnée, was just as thrilled to about the combined companies to make their expertise a lasting opportunity for everyone.




Brown Modeling Agency models have been seen on runways such as New York Fashion Week, Austin Fashion Week, and other shows across the country. Justin Brown actually got his start working as a model while in college but soon became curious on what happened behind the cameras. He showed models how to operate like pros and then started recruiting them for agencies he worked for. This became a great way for him to get over being a shy kid but he was able to help models do the same thing.


Brown doesn’t sell pipe dreams to models just to get them to work for them. They pride themselves on not making promises they cannot keep by managing expectations models may have. Mr. Brown experienced the business in New York and Los Angeles which gave him greater insight on how to get a model into a bigger market. The agency soon started sending models out for print jobs, commercials and even roles to play in movies. They continue to hire local and look nationally to place talented hired models. You can visit their Instagram page.


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