Madison Street Capital Recently Involved In Big Business Restructuring

When individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations aren’t entirely sure of the most appropriate manners to handle sticky or important situations, they often reach out to consultants, which are individuals or businesses that offer expert-level insights to the particular, unique problems of the clients that present themselves.


Madison Street Capital is one of the largest investment banking financial institutions across planet Earth. Even though it was only founded 13 years ago, the Chicago, Illinois-based company lends its services to some of the largest institutional clients across the nation.


With more than 100 employees who collectively boast thousands of years of experience in fields relevant to complex financial issues like recapitalizations, Madison Street Capital is unarguably one of the most suitable choices to approach with questions regarding major changes to an organization’s existing capital structure.


Recently, Professional Pipe, Inc., a company based in Norwood, North Carolina, competing in the general contractor industry, restructured not only the financial framework of its business, as the large-scale industrial contractor mixed its existing infrastructure up by adopting a brand-new ownership structure that effectively turned the business on its proverbial head.


KJM Capital, LLC, a fellow North Carolinian business, bought a controlling interest in the company. The mid-sized boutique financial institution decided to recapitalize Professional Pipe because it best suited the institutional bank’s needs.


While companies such as KJM Capital can be trusted to execute top-down restructures of organizations, Professional Pipe felt prompted to bring Madison Street Capital onboard as its exclusive advisor. The restructuring was finalized less than one month ago.


Professional Pipe, Inc., is a specialty industrial contractor that hones its efforts on the installation, design, and planning of process piping layouts at manufacturing plants across the United States. Professional Pipe most often carries out such work for some of the most prominent poultry processors across the United States of America.


On April 12, 2018, news of Madison Street Capital’s involvement in the restructuring deal came from its chief executive officer Charles Botchway. Senior managing director of Madison Street Capital, Lester “Jay” Rodgers, was also present at the in-person news conference.


News media sources have not yet been provided with any financial information associated with the transaction. Based on the standard proceedings of business in the United States, if not most of the world, such terms are unlikely to be disclosed.


About the three companies


Madison Street Capital specializes in mergers and acquisitions. Not only does the financial institution consult, as the large Chicagoan organization also handles the multi-billion-dollar portfolios of major businesses in both the Chicago metropolitan area and the nation at large.


Professional Pipe has been in business for some 40 years, whereas KJM Capital is a relatively new financial institution.


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Clayton Hutson is the One to Call When You Go on Tour

Clayton Hutson has truly become one of the most valuable players when it comes to people that are behind the scenes in the music industry. When it comes to having a stage presence there are artists like Halsey that have decided to go with the best when it comes to a sound engineer. Having someone like Clayton on board for the tour is a surefire way to make sure that you are going to have a concert that is worthy of the money the fan spend.


Nobody wants to go to a show where the audio is off. People are not going to pay good money to see a show that is off when it comes to the sound. Musicians that have been in business for a long time or able to remain successful and tour because they have good sound stage managers. This is what Clayton Hudson brings to the table, and this is why he is sought out by some of the biggest names in entertainment. When groups like One Republic or rock artists like Kid Rock look for your assistance for stage shows it is a good sign that you are doing an exceptional job in your work.


Managers like Clayton Hutson have been able to do an good job with the work that he is doing because he has put time in. He has a career that spans over more than 2 decade, and his experience continues to grow as he takes on a variety of different jobs.


The thing that has caused so many musicians to seek out his talent is the number of hats that he wears. He went to school to learn the business, but he has been hanging around the music scene since he was a child. Getting this type of background in music as a kid allowed Clayton Hutson to seek out a path to a future in sound stage production and lighting. He would go to school for this and continue to acquire what he had already learned during his teenage years.


Now that Clayton Hutson has a team of his own, he is showing others the ropes when it comes to creating a great show. Artists that are looking for any opportunity to build up their name and get a crowd to rally behind the great concerts that they have will appreciate what Clayton Hutson brings to their tours. Learn more: