Dr Saad Saad career path and success tips.

Dr Saad is a pediatric surgeon and has performed many operations that have turned out to be a success. Initially, his dream job was to be an engineer, but this changed when he joined high school in Kuwait. In Kuwait the temperatures are high, and this was one of the factors that discouraged Saad from pursuing engineering, he settled on medicine since it’s a job that would require him to be indoors unlike engineering.

He settled his mind on medicine, and his hard work did not go unnoticed, he graduated second from his class at Cairo University. Saad’s passion and determination has been evident in his career, and his work has made medical procedures safer.

Dr Saad has worked in several institutions and helped save many children’s lives. He has also taught and guided many students to becoming excellent surgeons in the world. One of his most exceptional work is the invention of a catheter electromagnetic detector. This device has been embraced by more surgeons today since it makes it easier to perform procedures involved with catheters. When a catheter is inserted in the body, it can either be temporary or permanent when it is temporary it means that after some time it is required to be removed from the body and this requires a medical procedure.

To ease the procedure Saad decided to introduce the device this device helps surgeon detect the catheter easily making the operations safer.

After working for many years, Dr Saad finally retired but he has left a great legacy, one of the success tips he offers is to stay true to your goal, do not accept anything less your goals and desires. If something does not work how you envisioned it, Saad urges one to keep on trying until you attain your goal.

Dr Saad Saad also discourages procrastination, to succeed in life do not wait to do something tomorrow, a task that can be performed now ensure you complete it and work on it as their no tomorrow. Those are just some of the life lessons we learn from the renowned pediatric surgeon.

One other tip that Saad offers is practice, hard work, truthful and treat all your patients the same despite colour, race, social status, as well as religion, this is attributes he acquired from his mentor, and they have guided him throughout his career path. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/saad-saad

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