The World Met an Unprepared Betsy DeVos, but She’s Ready to Step it Up a Notch

Betsy DeVos smiles at the cameras and waves at spectators when she makes public appearances. Something about her demeanor makes some feel she is a nice person. The woman has been an important figure in Michigan, her home state, for quite some time. She and her family are considered to be one of the richest families in the state. The DeVos family is credited for Grand Rapids’ growth over the last few years. The city of Grand Rapids has become one of the most important cities in Michigan, and the DeVos family has been instrumental in that.


Betsy is also a member of an evangelical church and has participated in projects that aimed to help this community. The church she belongs to has helped the poor and done great things that churches are expected to do. Betsy is definitely devout and holds true to very traditional and conservative view points. Her wholehearted conviction and cash gave her power in Michigan. She was able to fight against public education in favor of charter schools. Sadly, this has caused many public schools to close in the state, which burdened many families.


Her belief in charter schools is what scares many public school educators, who truly believe in educating all children at no cost. People who believe in education as a right of the people are scared that this right might be in jeopardy under Betsy DeVos. The reason people are scared of her is because she was just appointed by Donald Trump to be the Secretary of Education, even though she does not have experience in this field. Some of the people he appointed have strong reservations against the program or institute they are in charge of, like Betsy. This may seem strange, but perhaps Trump believes that opposition can be a good thing.


The world met Betsy DeVos live during her congressional hearing. She was given enough time to prepare for this hearing, but Betsy was still caught off-guard with several of the questions she was asked. There was no doubt that she came off as a person who knew nothing of public education. Of course, she did not have a background in public education, so this should have been expected, but her answer about guns in schools didn’t make her seem like the ideal candidate. DeVos argued that schools should be permitted to have weapons in school to fend off grizzly bears.


Many Americans and late night comedians made fun of DeVos. This was something that Betsy did not appreciate though she did not make her thoughts public. Some people began to dismiss her, but a colleague of hers from Michigan, Mike Cox, who served as a Republican state attorney general, warned the people not to underestimate her. He said that her immense amount of money and her determination got the job done in Michigan. This was how she was able to accomplish some of the things she wanted to get done, which means that she is definitely someone to keep an eye on.


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