Jeff Yastine predicts the Rebound of Shopping Malls in the United States

Jeff Yastine, the Total Wealth Insider editor, does not mince words when talking about how the U.S. citizens will do their shopping during the Christmas season. “Retail shopping is dead,” says Yastine. “People do not visit malls anymore. The streets around the retail shops are empty!”

In jest, Yastine thinks that the United States will become the “United States of Amazon,” shortly. The editor of the Total Wealth Insider even adds that UPS freight vans and airborne delivery drones will be the means to deliver Amazon customers’ goods.

Big Investors move Money into Shopping Malls

However, it appears the love for malls is not over yet. With Brookfield Property Partners LP presenting an offer for GGP Inc. (NYSE: GGP) at $14.8 billion , approximately $23 per share, there are enough indications that the future for malls is still bright. The Brookfield Property Partners LP acquisition bid is the reason GGP Inc stock registered an 18 percent value increase after a 40 percent fall last year.

Why is the rush for mall buyouts the in thing in the United States?

The answer is simple-Malls may not attract the shoppers’ traffic as the internet retail does, but the investors in real estate assets see the retail outlets as a golden opportunity to generate revenue. For example, GDP is now in partnership with a mall owner in Seattle to develop apartment buildings. “We intend to pursue similar residential projects nationwide,” said the GDP CEO.

The Rebirth of the Retail Space

Other large real estate investors see the value of malls too. Miller Value Partners, whose head is the respected mutual fund expert Bill Miller, bought two malls CBL Properties (NYSE: CBL) and Washington Prime Group (NYSE: WPG), recently. Berkshire Hathaway, associated with Warren Buffett, purchased and redeveloped STORE Capital (Nasdaq: STOR).

Jeff Yastine’s Expertise in Stock Market Investments

Jeff Yastine who sees the United States as an “over-malled” country started working at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director in 2015. He is a financial journalist with over 20-years experience in global finance issues and stock market investments. As a weekly financial columnist at Banyan Hill’s Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily, Yastine is of much help to investors who wish to understand economic, monetary, and business trends. His journalism mainly focuses on the profit-making opportunities open to investors. The Emmy-nominee, whose work history includes being a PBS Nightly Business Report correspondent and anchor from 1994, has interviewed legendary entrepreneurs, such as Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, and Warren Buffett.