Securus Technologies: Building A Safer World Through Technological Advances

Quickly becoming a major supplier of inmate communications and security technology, Securus Technologies has been on the fast track for creating and patenting new technology almost weekly for many months. Founded in 1986 with their headquarters based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus has expanded it’s offices to other parts of Texas and Georgia to accommodate the over 3400 public facilities and 1,200,000 inmates they oversee daily.


This commitment to the safety and security of inmates and individuals is one of the reasons why Securus Technologies receives many customer emails weekly. CEO and President, Rick Smith, stated the communications that flood Securus are positive in nature: thanking the customer service staff for fast response times, facilities praising Securus for their help in solving crimes that inmates for admitted to over the phone system, and investigators giving testimony about how much easier it is to work on cases using the voice recognition software that is part of the Securus system.


Securus Technologies have made the commitment to offering edge technology for the safety and security of inmates, families, and facilities. Securus specializes in: emergency response, incident management, biometric analysis, information management, investigation, and inmate self service. To read more about Securus Technologies, please click here.

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