The Success Journey of Nick Vertucci that was Full of Teething Challenges

Nick Vertucci is irrefutably one of the most successful real estate investors in the United States and internationally. This is evident as he has indulged into imparting his knowledge and expertise in the real estate sector using his foundation, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. This is an organization that he opened with a clear objective of imparting the young generation with the right skills to operate the real estate business with fewer challenges than they usually fear as a result of experiences of other people who had tried investing in the industry before and failed. He has been training his clients in his organization about being a successful entrepreneur, and especially in the real estate business.

However, the success of Nick Vertucci did not arrive as a walk in the park. He had gone through a lot of challenges before he became the successful real estate investor that he is today. Before venturing into real estate, Nick owned a tech wholesale shop in which he sold tech accessories for all the machines in the tech industry. The business was very successful and made Vertucci one of the most reputable distributors of tech accessories in the region. This was until the year 2000 when the business succumbed to the dot-com bubble that affected the technology sector in the whole world. His business liquidated making him lose all his wealth in the event.

This made Nick Vertucci feel like the world had come to an end as if everything that he was meant to do on earth was over. However, he swore not despair, and one day while he was in his daily routine of figuring out the way forward to alleviate his challenges in life, he was invited to attend a real estate class in California. This was the class that opened his eyes wider since, during the session, Nick Vertucci managed to learn a lot of fundamentals of real estate business that enabled him to venture into the industry.

At the moment, he had no sufficient funds and so he had to start from scratch. He began purchasing the dilapidated houses and refurbishing them and making them more decent and appealing for renting. This went on for a while, and after a decade, he had managed to get out of the debt that he had accumulated over the years after his tech business had been dissolved. He has now become one of the best investors in the real estate industry, an industry in which he urges a lot of young people to invest.

Guilherme’s Journey into Tourism Industry

Entrepreneurship is basically about identifying something that is needed in the market and finding ways of satisfying your market for a profit. Guilherme Paulus is a Brazilian who has managed to make a lot of profits from the tourism sector. Paulus enter journey in the business world has been built by finding these needs in the market and satisfying by creating new and innovative ways. Paulus unique character of paying attention his economic needs as well those of the clients have also contributed a lot to Guilherme’s success. Unlike other entrepreneurs who are always willing to do anything to earn superior returns without about the satisfaction of their clients.

The Story behind CVC tours

Guilherme Paulus believes that a wise entrepreneur should be flexible and should never be obsessed with one idea or dream even if the ideas or dreams have no future. Paulus started his professional life as a computer technician. However, this changed when he started interacting with other entrepreneurs from the hospitality and tourism industries who were their biggest client at the time. From his interactions with colleagues from the hospitality and tourism sector made him realize that there were many needs that needed to be fulfilled in that industry.

He took his first step into the hospitality and tourism sector when he quit his role at IBM top secure another one that he served as a tour and travels salesman for a tour agency when he was in his early 20s. With his new desire to get explore all the opportunities that were found in the hospitality and tourism sector, Paulus had become a force to reckon with after three years. During the time he was working for the tour agency, he was able to make a lot of connections and those who saw his potential urged him to start his own company.

While Guilherme Paulus was 24 year he launched his own company known as CVC Tour Company. Guilherme Paulus target when he started CVC was to bring positive changes in the tourism sector by offering quality and interesting services to tourists. To achieve this, Paulus spend most of his time researching on the unique ideas that would bring change to the industry.

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Aloha Construction Strives To Offer Quality Services

Aloha Construction was founded in 2008 by Dave Farbaky, and the company has offices in both Lake Zurich and Bloomington. The team offers roofing, siding and gutter repairs throughout the year, but they are known for making repairs after extreme weather has damaged a home.

Aloha Construction is mainly known for its outstanding work in roofing. It all starts with an inspection to identify and evaluate the damage to your roof. The next step is to repair or replace your roof, and they have experience with components such as cedar shakes and asphalt shingles. You can rest assured that the job is done to perfection with high-quality materials. The company also offers a 10-year craftsmanship warranty to ensure you have the backup you need.

The company is also experienced in installing, repairing and replacing your siding. A new siding is a great way to increase the property value of your home, which is necessary for putting it on the market. You also need a siding with good insulation to keep your home cool and warm when necessary. The top reason for a new siding is to make sure your home is protected around the clock. You can have materials ranging from vinyl to aluminum installed on your home. Every contractor with Aloha Construction is trained and certified to work on siding projects.

You need to make sure your gutters are clean and working properly to avoid moisture from building up around the foundation. It is easy to clean the gutters on your own, but you may need Aloha Construction to inspect and repair damaged gutters. Start by checking to see if the water is sitting in one area rather than moving away from your home. If you notice a problem, call in the company as soon as possible. Failure to repair your gutters could result in damage to your home.

Aloha Construction has completed over 18,000 projects for customers in Lake Zurich and Bloomington.

The Role of Dr. ShafikSachedina in Helping the Vulnerable in Society

Dr. ShafikSachedina is a medical expert who has a taste and a greater appetite for entrepreneurship. After finishing his education, where he pursued higher education in the University of London, he decided to work as an entrepreneur at the Aga Khan and another institution named Jamati institutions where he was highly involved in offering multiple services to the community. In fact, Dr. Shafik was the main person behind the relationship between the Aga Khan Development Network and the Jamati institutions, a union that is highly involved in assisting the members of the community. Find out more about Shafik Sachedina at Behance.

However, one of the main achievements of Dr. ShafikSachedina is that she played a role in forming an organization that played a key role in helping various members of society. The facility has been helping the members of the society to solve multiple problems that the members of the society were experiencing. Starting a small organization and enabling it to grow to the point of achieving multiple goals and objectives is a clear indication that he was an experienced person who has the necessary organizational and leadership skills.

Dr. ShafikSachedina is a person who has demonstrated management skills in managing Sussex Health Care, which has remained to be a reliable organization in providing care to the members of the society. The facility has been offering home-based care in Sussex and other neighboring areas where a significant number of members of the community have been experiencing various problems. Sussex Health Care institution supports and guides members of the community through self-driven health initiatives with the aim of ensuring the society remains healthy.

Dr. ShafikSachedina through Sussex Health Care has proved to be a reliable expert who has helped the vulnerable people in society through various means. One of the main roles that he has played is by ensuring that he supports people with dementia and their families by showing them love while at the same time providing the necessary care and support. The medical facility provides care and support to the elderly members of the society, especially those with several illnesses while at the same time ensuring that they participate in several physical activities to remain healthy.

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Robert Ivy And The Role Of Professional Socities.

If you were to make up a list of professions that were notoriously difficult to break into, architecture would definitely be jotted down in ink. Robert Ivy is the President of the American Institute of Architects, otherwise known as the AIA. The American Institute of Architects is a professional society that is focused on laying down the groundwork to help potential architects transition from their education/internship and into their real career path. While professional societies have grown in popularity over the years, they are still something of a mystery to the casual observer. Let’s go ahead and look at all of the reasons why Robert Ivy believes in the power of the professional society.

According to a report compiled in 2010, the United States had more than 92,000 different trade and professional associations in operation. Trade organizations and professional societies are two sides of the same coin that exist with the goal of giving their members the chance to succeed in a tough industry. For the American Institute of Architecture, they are proud to call themselves one of the many organizations currently getting work done for the architecture industry. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Robert Ivy starts out his touting of professional societies by pointing out just how closed-off and small the architectural world actually is. Architects make up a tiny portion of the workforce and this means that not only is it harder to make their voice heard, but it is also harder to even make it into the industry at all. With this frame of mind, let’s go ahead and look at what specifical these societies are doing for aspiring architects.

The first tangible benefit of joining a professional society like the AIA, according to Robert Ivy, is the fact that aspiring architects are put into direct communication with like-minded individuals who will be a part of their future in the field. Networking has always been a vital key to success in the professional world and this situation is no different.

Outside of the value that networking provides, Ivy is quick to point out how important a unified voice is in the world of architecture. As we’ve pointed out plenty of times, there simply aren’t that many architects around which makes it hard for their needs to be heard by prominent political groups. Architects don’t have a lobbying group on their side, so they rely on professional societies in order to get the word out.



Ways that Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto have Revolutionized InnovaCare Health

The InnovaCare Health is a corporation in North America that deals with the delivery of healthcare management systems. The group has two main divisions Medicare Advantage and Providers Networks through which its offers innovative, affordable and customer-centric health care services. InnovaCare Health employs technology to develop sustainable and affordable healthcare products and services. The group acknowledges that each client is different and undertakes to offer personalized services. There is also an emphasis on the improvement of the provider-patient relationships. The quality products by the group saw it attain the National Committee for Quality Assurance accreditation in 2011. Moreover, its membership has significantly grown and now stands at over 200, 000 people. Its success can be linked to leadership and experience of Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto.


Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides Careers


Rick Shinto has made enormous contributions to the healthcare management sector and has worked in many organizations. After completing his studies, Rick Shinto began working at Southern California as a pulmonologist and internist. After some years, he moved to MedPartners where he served as the vice president of the health management division. The medical officer has also worked at Cal Optimal Health Plan and strategically pushed the services of the group into the market. In 2008, he moved to Aveta Inc where he served as the CEO until the sale of the group in 2012. While working in the organization, he won many awards such as the Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012 and the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur Award. Based on his contributions, he appears to be a committed, transformative and passionate leader. You can visit for more details.



Penelope Kokkinides has vast experience in clinical programs and has been on the leading front in the development of healthcare programs. She was worked for many government agencies, Medicare and Medicaid health plans. Her experience in the healthcare sector spans more than 20 years. She has also served as the chief management officer at Centerlight Health Care. She was charged with the duty of overseeing the running and management of the healthcare division. Other organizations where she has worked include AmeriChoice, United Health Business Unit. She was previously engaged with InnovaCare before being re-appointed in 2015 as the chief administrative officer. Just like Shinto, she is committed to empowering the society members and ensuring they have access to quality and affordable health care services. To see more you can checkout



Join The Stream Energy Network And Save

The popular Stream Energy network is a popular enhanced energy provider. Their client based services focuses on the areas that are energy deprived at prices that won’t exceed their income. More importantly, they’re dedicated to impoverished and low income communities. As energy leaders, they pride themselves on being a completely renewable energy source. Their founders bought their energy source to the forefront under a deregulated network. More importantly, they serve thousands of customers nationwide. They’re engaged in a strong network that hosts tremendous service. The SE network is based in Dallas, TX serving many areas for your energy service needs.


Why Choose Stream Energy


Stream is a protective, wireless, and home security based provider. The multi-service functions come at a great rate to energize and protect your home. Their clients are introduced to a supportive energy network with many savings options. Their unique energy options offer several plans for their clients to choose from with unique savings opportunities. Their CEO, Larry Mondry says, they act as a small multi-level energy group with 250 employees. They’ve been proudly serving residential and commercial customers since 2005. Their exemplary services has been able to introduce a diverse new group of customers to their network.


Popular Stream Energy Programs


They have two significant programs designed to save their customers money. The Texas area was hit hard by the recent storms and were in need of an energy efficiency program. They were threatened by increased rising temperatures that were running up their energy bills. Stream Energy responded with their Green Energy program that is designed to lower the cost of the impact of global warming. Many local area residents have seen a decrease in the amount of utility costs they pay. The program is available to their nationwide customers along with the Patch Program.


Get the energy savings that you need to lower the amount of utilities that you pay each month by joining their network. Their affiliate program is also available to their customers for an earned income opportunity. You’re invited to visit the Stream Energy network for more details on their energy program today.

Trying to down Rocketship Education

For the past few decades public schools have been in questioned when it came to the education of children in the United States. The size of overcrowded classrooms and students not getting the proper training in academics gave birth to charter schools. These schools started off well with smaller classrooms and students but time changes all things. With the influx of kids coming into more charter schools and technology playing a bigger part of our society, the education has to change to keep up with today’s standards. Rocket Education Charter school recently came under fire out in California for its approach to this new wave of schooling.

Rocket Education is a public Charter School. While many are private this is a different twist allowing more children to part take in its education. Some of the issues that came up were from the past but also some new issues. The crowded classrooms are still a factor that all schools struggle with. Having forty to eighty kids in a classroom with little help can take a toll and occupy the time of any teacher. Technology was introduced to help with this concern. Having the kids work on computer workstations allows the teacher to single out those students in need of help. It also prepares them for the computer based world we live in.

The down side is the amount of time children spend on the computer. This may cause them to lack in the social development skills area. Spending so much time on the computer creates less human interaction. Rocket Educations has what is considered strict guidelines aimed at teaching discipline to kids. Some people think the limited bathroom breaks are too harsh. The idea is to get kids accustom to finishing their goal in a timely manner preparing them for the outside world. There is also the idea about teacher help and who should be helping. The question has come up if non teachers should be helping kids as their qualifications may be questioned. With no sure solutions all that can be done are for schools to do their best.

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Gareth Henry Found Refuge In Canada

In 1977, Gareth Henry was born in St. Mary’s, Jamaica. He was raised by his mother, aunt, and grandmother. He went to high school when he was 10, and he realized he was gay when he was a teenager. After seeing a gay man in his town get harassed and called a “batty man,” he decided to hide homosexuality. He moved to his uncle’s house when he was almost 16 and was able to be himself.

He graduated from Titchfield High School and moved to Kingston to attend Excelsior Community College and the University of the West Indies. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree and his master’s degree in Communications for Social and Behavior Change. He volunteered for Jamaica AIDS Support for Life in 1997. He then volunteered for J-FLAG in 1998. In 2004, J-FLAG’s co-founder was murdered. Henry took on the position of director and became the lead advocate for the organization.

Of his 13 friends killed, one was chased to the harbor by a mob. Since he couldn’t swim, everyone just watched him drown. He had to identify the bodies of several of the others that were killed. Last Valentines Day, Gareth Henry was surrounded by an angry mob at a pharmacy and the police did nothing to help. Instead, the police started beating Henry and his friends with their weapons.

Some police even led mob attacks. A police officer showed up at his home with civilians and pointed a gun at his window. The officer said he had to go away or he would kill him. The Jamaican ministry of justice didn’t help either. He was once stopped in traffic to be told by a police officer that he had found him and he was going to kill him. He never forgot that statement.

Gareth Henry went to Canada in 2008 because the country protects human rights. His mother, sister, and nieces also faced threats and had to relocate to Canada. Gareth Henry was granted refuge with the help of Amnesty International, EGALE Canada, and the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto.

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Boraie Development Joins Shaquille O’Neal in Creating a Luxury Addition to the Newark Skyline

Boraie Development is a development company based off New Jersey. Boraie focuses on the development and construction of luxury residences and other buildings and has grown to be one of the top development companies in all of New Jersey. They have many projects that have become points of interest in the state and they emphasize the use of their own funds for every project. They exercise their vision by highlighting their commitment to reliability and solid execution of plans. Omar Boraie boasts an impressive 30 years of work in the development business. Their company focuses mainly on long-term ownership commitments.

One of their most recent development projects is a luxurious residential building in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The project will be a 238 full residential unit building called the Aspire and will boast some very impressive amenities for its residents. These amenities include a lobby with a doorman available all 24 hours and 7 days a week, an attached parking garage for residents with direct access to the lobby through an elevator, a fantastic gym and exercise room, a club for residents where they will be able to work and rest, an outdoor barbeque space on the rooftop with an attached garden, and extra recreational space.

According to Rutgers, one of Boraie most recent ventures involves a partnership with basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal. They will be partnering up to develop a luxury residential building in Newark, New Jersey, which is O’Neal’s hometown. The basketball superstar stated that this project was his way of making a mark in his city and that the building will be called the “Shaq Tower”. The project will cost an approximate $79 million and will be one of the first additions of its stature and height to the New Jersey cityscape in over 50 years. For more details visit


The project is meant to turn the public’s perception of Newark, New Jersey into a city that is on the rise and moving up. O’Neal has chosen to partner up with Boraie for their years of expertise in the development business and states that he is very confident in his choice.

Apart from being a great addition to the city of Newark, the project will help create jobs for its residents, as O’Neal has stated that he wants to help the local community a much as he can in order to drive up commerce in the area, and give the resident an opportunity to move upwards with his project.


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